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So comforting, so warm, so soft. I just had to get a FB. It's like a cloud of peace.
By   - writer/editor from DC on 4/25/2020
This is lovely, like a garden at night. I thought I would prefer Dendera, as I like spicy, resinous, dark perfumes, but this delicious scent is like basking in the quiet of a forest, looking at a river of bluebells, and listening to the quiet trills of birds. And the longevity! 14 hours and counting!
By   - writer from DC on 4/1/2020
Very green. This fragrance opens with a scent of freshly cut grass or ripe leaves mixed with a medicinal, almost menthol-like quality of lavender and slight sweetness from honey, fading away fairly quickly into the bases of patchouli, apple, and slightly spicy ambrette musk. It is an interesting scent, to say the least, but I doubt anyone would want to smell this for any reason other than its uniqueness. It has a natural, wild, jungle-esque quality to it that would be out of place to smell in most settings. The real winner of this house is their other fragrance, Dendera. This one is novel, but odd. It has quality ingredients, but yet it is still odd.
By   - Instagram thot from West Palm Beach, FL on 3/15/2020
Well, as a fan of Peter's, I was really hoping to enjoy this, but must have missed the fact that the second note listed is dry earth. First thing I noticed when I sprayed it was the overwhelming smell of soil. I don't know how he got soil in a fragrance, but he did it. I smell something nice in the background, but the dirt never dissipates and I can't enjoy it. Kinda makes me angry I paid $25 for two samples I'm never gonna use. I wear fragrances to smell good, not to smell dirty. I really don't understand this, other than an attempt to be artsy. What's next, cat urine?
By   - Retired from Denham Springs on 2/15/2020
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