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Very nice! I get a tea note first, followed by sparkling citrus notes,and later on warm sandalwood w/flowers. It's not overbearing, and lasts for hours. I personally love all the Alghabra parfums.
By   - Medical Technologist from HAYS on 2/19/2019
I must say that I am so glad I got the sample pkg from this House! Scent of Paradise is truly one stunning fragrance and I can't wait to wear it in Spring and Summer! It's smells so good! I truly believe this House is going to have a huge amount of loyal and very happy customers...always looking for what is coming next! Within the sample set, I loved all of them, 3 to 4 of them being truly full bottle worthy for me!
By   - Program Assistant  from Fredericksburg on 2/17/2019
I love, I mean really love heady florals with incredible sillage. I've been obsessed with Jean Patou's Joy and Guerlain's L'Heure Bleue for years. So, with Alghabra's Scent of Paradise I was a little hesitant to live it as it says fruity florals. Boy, was I surprised. This fragrance is such a secret gem. It opened quite fruity as expected with a bright citrus reminiscent of early spring in a sunshine laden Mediterranean city. But, within a few minutes, the dry down was epic. Elements of rose and Iris, with a touch of sandalwood. The balance is exquisite, like a familiar blanket, Alghambra got this one so right!
By   - Parfum Hoarder from Grafton on 2/16/2019
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