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Here's what other people are saying about Poem Of Damas...
A really nice floral oud perfume. Lasts a really long time. I got this a little on my watch band and its been on it for weeks now, even after workout and subsequent washing. It is quite powerful and so probably want to easy on it. Love it.
By   - Tech from San Francisco on 7/30/2020
I really want to like this one, but it smells very similar to their "Labyrinth of Spices" fragrance, save for the floral notes. Once those disappear, it has the same base notes. For some reason, even though vetiver isn't listed in the notes, I can smell it, and vetiver as a scent is honestly turning me off. It's a very common note and I'm beginning to not like it as much. If you can handle vetiver, jasmin(?), and rose together, give Poem of Damas a try, but it's not for me.
By   - Magic Carpet Salesman from West Palm Beach on 2/20/2020
Breathtakingly Divine!! The perfect Rose and Oudh combination, and lasts forever!! Loving this one..
By   - Therapist from Naperville on 11/14/2019
This fragrance is absolutely beautiful and addictive. Rose and Oud so perfectly blended together. I absolutely loooooove it.
By   - Hairstylist  from Pensacola on 7/29/2019
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