Sayat Nova Attar

Perfume Oil

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Absolutely glorious. The apricot accord derives it's self from Bortnikoff's use of oak moss, and plays extremely well with the Vanilla and Oud. He amped up the moss, but it doesn't feel out of synch, it just adds an air of inky mystery, and has the benefit of being a wonderful fixative. Projection isn't too strong, but it LASTS. Longevity is 8 hours on my perfume-eating skin. This is appropriate in most situations, as it's classy and subdued. I will use this as a date night fragrance--it's an understated, incredibly sexy aura. One thing to watch out container came with a fairly noticeable crack, so I'm a bit worried about how it will hold up in the long run...but rating this on scent alone I give it a 10/10.
By   - Wine-making Student  from new rochelle on 6/18/2020
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