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Here's what other people are saying about Musk Therapy...
This is a beautiful fragrance but I was say it’s more feminine than unisex. Definitely get the mandarin and sandalwood, they make a great mixture. Gave my girlfriend this fragrance and she loves it.
By   - Assistant  from Sacramento on 7/12/2021
So creamy smooth! It's like a really sophisticated and expensive Creamsicle. There's a summery, beachy quality to it as well. I can't quite find the words to all the way express this scent! Definitely give this a try if creamy, rich, sandalwood musk sounds good. There is a super cleanness that most musks miss. This one is EVERYTHING.
By   - Jeweler  from San Francisco on 4/6/2021
Bal D'Afrique is my signature scent for years, and Musk Therapy is very very similar. The tiny different is that Musk Therapy is a little bit less woody and more sweet. Meanwhile Bal D'Afrique is very unisex, Musk Therapy feels more feminine. Fresh but sweet and musky in the right amount and very well blended just like every Initio. Relaxing, it reminds me of the vibe of Rehab but in a more feminine way. Masterpiece.
By   - Economist from Singapore on 4/1/2021
I would call it a second skin perfume! It’s that good! You’re getting the most seductive spring/summer scent, that comes off as clean, musky, a little fruity, I can definitely smell something vanilla like, maybe even some milky substance. 10/10, well done Initio
By   - IT  from New York on 3/29/2021
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