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Atomic Rose

Eau de Parfum

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Here's what other people are saying about Atomic Rose...
Really lovely, strong green scent , sweet rosy scent and lingers nicely . LOVE.
By   - Hairstylist from Honolulu on 9/16/2021
Love this scent! It's unbelievably addictive! Love the Initio brand, all of their scents layer well together.
By   - Designer from Arizona on 10/30/2020
This fragrance makes me happy. I have a love-hate relationship with rose centered fragrances. If its a cool always gets too cloying on me and always end up with a deadly headache, thus i lean towards warm rose scents. This is neither. AR has a realistic bouquet of roses opening. A few seconds in, it gives me a mix of BR540 mixed with Oud for Greatness..but only lasts for a few seconds. It then opens up to a juicy, fresh, fizzy rose and remains linear throughout on my skin. This lasts on me 8 hours at least. I spray this before going to bed and i wake up with the scent still on skin and clothes...and even on my pillow. I highly recommend this fragrance.
By   - Lawyer from Makati City, PH on 10/12/2020
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