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When you first spray Side Effect, it is an assault on your senses. The cinnamon/rum combination comes on extremely strong in the opening. On me, that aggressiveness stays for about an hour and a half before mellowing slightly. At about the three hour mark, the scent finally settles into the sweet vanilla tobacco notes and becomes a whole different fragrance. I definitely think that this is a unisex fragrance, very masculine in the opening but then ultimately transitioning into something more feminine in its dry down. Ultimately, it wasn't the fragrance for me. If you like the notes and are looking for a long lasting beast mode fragrance, then this might be for you.
By   - Freelancer from Chicago on 3/4/2021
OMG this perfume is divine beautiful sexy and OMG breath taking wow Im definitely buying the whole collection from initio its soo sexy I also received my package in a day lucky scent is the best website its fast best costumer service and what I love the most how they send you samples I love lucky scent thankyou soo much
By   - construcción owner from louissiana on 12/18/2020
Me and my wife discovered the Initio line while in Selfridges in London and my wife bought this fragrance but I wear it too, its smells incredibly sexy on whoever wears it. I want to get my hands on a bottle of Psychadelic Love as well as Absolute Aphrodisiac which also smelled amazing. A lot of their collection is vanilla based and they are all incredibly sexy and use pheromones in their blends. Definitely give them a try if you get the chance!!!
By   - Health Coach from George Town, Grand Cayman on 8/8/2018
I just purchased this. If you like Narcotic V by Nasomatto and What We Do In Paris Is Secret by A Lab on Fire, then buy this! It smells sooooo sexy!! Worth the price tag, although I paid more than what Luckyscent is charging! This house lists fragrances in different categories (or collections?) and this fell in their "carnal blend" collection. I did note that their other carnal blends from this house all smell kind of similar (psychedelic love and high frequency.) You cant go wrong with any of these three.
By   - Fashion from NYC on 7/9/2018
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