Travel Lab 3

Discovery Set

by Ormonde Jayne

Travel Lab 3 Sizes Available:
5 x 8ml $135
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To Catherine (the previous reviewer) - I ordered the same set and find that the vials are labelled on the bottom, in orange print on a clear sticker. I agree with your comments on the rich and complex natures of Ormonde Jayne perfumes. They are all gorgeous and never disappoint.
By   - Perfume explorer from London on 4/24/2018
When the set arrives, the vials aren't labelled, setting you on the quest of working out which is which. Back to the smelling notes, lots of sprays hours or days apart...clever Ormonde Jayne! By the time you finish, you really know these rich and complex creatures as you search for all the notes and marvel as they evolve. Get your friends to play too. Then you might decide not to label them anyway, and dip in at random. Nothing will disappoint and you might find that conventions of perfumes for day, night and occasion are just as ephemeral as the 'rules' about wine and food. A beautiful set, excellent value and fun to explore.
By   - journalist from Perth, Western Australia on 2/5/2018
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