Hongkong Oolong

Eau de Parfum

Hongkong Oolong Sizes Available:
15ml $35
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I am in love with this scent by Maurice Roucel, It is perfectly beautiful and I am not going to expound further as the other reviewers have have already taken care of that. I love the bottle and the size but wish it also came in a 3.4 oz. bottle because I an see myself ordering bottle after bottle of the 15 ml size.
By   - Paralegal from Timonium on 7/2/2020
Honestly, I had a gift certificate and I didn't want to spend all of it. I found Hongkong Oolong and thought I would give it a try. I absolutely love it. If I were to have just a few scents in my collection, this would be one of them. I can't break down the notes as others have here, but to me, this is just quietly and meditatively beautiful. It also lasts quite a long time on me as well.
By   - Retired from North Charleston on 5/15/2020
I lived in mainland China and Hong Kong for several years in my 20s. This is such a beautiful scentscape I can barely stop myself from shedding a tear- and wearing it is bringing back so many memories- but I couldn’t have felt them in my 20s- this is timely and perfect and I’m so happy I purchased it.
By   - Consultant from Dallas on 1/3/2020
I was very excited by the prospect of getting this bottle. This is warm, smooth, honeyed without being sweet, and tempered nicely by leather and tonka, and the hints of floral that keep things light. The thing that keeps it from being wearable for me is the heavy tilt towards the clove and incense. I had to strain to get any whiffs of the oolong tea and leather, but the clove and incense keep pushing their way through. On its own, this is a decent, well-made scent, just not quite fully accurate to what I think of a scent labeled "Hong Kong Oolong". Maurice Roucel has created some amazing scents that I adore, but I don't think he really quite understands the delicacy of tea.
By   - N/A from SF Bay Area on 1/2/2020
A genuinely interesting exercise in not being matcha, and I appreciate that. Hongkong Oolong embraces tea’s lightly bitter tannins, softening them with tonka and spices but not shying away from that great near-petroleum note that makes a strong-brewed cup really sing. (Yes, I would in fact wear, or attempt to wear, a pu-erh fragrance. Don’t judge.) I wasn’t entirely on board with the white florals in the heart of things, particularly the jasmine, but the drydown on this one has a clean honey-like warmth that makes it worth waiting those out.
By   - editor from Seattle on 12/30/2019
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