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Eau de Parfum

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A much-airier-than-usual marine scent -- heavy on the salt, slightly less committed than I’d have liked to the more dangerous aspects of kelp. The leather / driftwood aspect, when it eventually washes ashore, is warm and supple. I’m not sure this has the ozone bite I’d hoped for from a scent purporting to invoke a colder marine environment, but it’s very wearable work.
By   - editor from SEATTLE on 12/16/2020
A very intoxicating Marine scent. Silver Mountain water is the subtle aquatic scent, then you have the more salty aquatic scents to mimic the deep ocean. This one is right in the middle of those, just so well balanced. Closest aquatic scent i can think of is Imaginary Authors' Every storm a Serenade. But i like this better.
By   - Norway from Oslo on 4/12/2019
This is a very good, authentic marine fragrance for men. Rather similar to Bulgari's Aqua but the rather strident oily-woody notes of that fragrance are much more muted and the marine quality better. From the quoted ingredients including Amber Xtreme and Edenlolide, I would guess it is possibly made by IFF, I can imagine this as a backdrop to the film Das Boot, the smell of damp leathers and the deep atlantic.
By   - Retired doctor from Stratford-upon-avon on 12/25/2017
I would be happy to wear this if it had more ooomph. It does not last well on me, nor is it very prominent. It's totally unobjectionable, but that's not much of an endorsement, is it?
By   - writer from chicago on 9/8/2017
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