Peacock Throne

Eau de Parfum

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Just opening the sample bottle and taking the first sniff, I just went "Ooooohhh!" This really does open like a peacocks tail, showing different notes at random times. Very tropical...... the best frag to wear when you don't know what to wear. Superb!
By   - disabled from mount aukum on 4/19/2019
When I first smelled this, I literally threw my head back and laughed! It was pure unadulterated joy, in finding a scent that is so gorgeous! This comes along so rarely, to find a scent that moves you so intensely. It Literally sparkles and gleams, with a thousand points of light, just like the gems this perfume is inspired by. Fans of Indolic, heady florals must smell this rare beauty.
By   - govt worker from washington DC on 12/19/2017
Long lasting and AMAZING! Very unique scent
By   - Supervisor from Scottsdale on 8/10/2017
All the Thameen scents I’ve tried so far have a profound creaminess, but this one...well, you too will believe that sandalwood might be edible. The (olfactory, visual) glow is real, though even with that titanic, gorgeous rose at the heart this still reads to me as an edifice carved from solid pearl. (I credit orris, here triumphing over everything that ever annoyed you about jasmine...but leaving just enough of that indolic note to remind you that it’s there.) It’s all very regal and lovely in the manner of the great midcentury women’s scents...and then the grain-and-butter cozy notes of nutmeg and brioche kick in, and it’s simply, perfectly dizzying. Beautiful work.
By   - editor from Seattle on 4/11/2017
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