Hiba Wood Atmosphere Mist
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I love the smell of this! It has dozens of lovely notes, the best of which is the cedar. I've been using it for a few years; in fact, I live overseas now and I order it from the states, send it to a friend and have her send it to me. Honestly, it's the best.
By   - self-employed from Florence, Italy on 11/13/2020
My wife says this smells like a burning hospital and old leather. For me it smells like opening a dry wooden furniture drawer in a wooden cabin. Extremely woody. I was expecting it more fresh, and it’s smoky instead.
By   - Doctor from Panama City on 11/16/2019
I love this stuff. I would agree with some of the description from the above reviewer (who gave it 2 stars), yet it really appeals to me. I wonder if Lucky Scent would give a sample of this? I really like the Hiba wood smell, but it is very distinct and sharp. I think the Golda round soap is wonderful, and it probably appeals to more people,, as it has other notes that make it sweeter/juicier...But I love this.
By   - life from Seattle on 8/21/2017
I was not sure what I was ordering but i am always looking for something to clear the air. This wood essence has an astringent and sterile scent like sterile medical gauze adhesive tape. Hints of celery, cedar, charred wood, benzoin, and copal. I would not purchase the large size of this unless you know you are going to use that much.
By   - Artist from Charleston on 5/21/2015
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