Eau de Parfum

by Hiram Green Perfumes

Dilettante Sizes Available:
50ml $165
10ml Travel Size $45
0.7ml sample $4
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Here's what other people are saying about Dilettante...
This is a really lovely orange blossom. It''s citrusy, green, sunny, and sweet. It lasts and lasts. You know what makes it even better? Layering with slowdive. Orange blossom and honey...pure sunshine. Both have amazing longevity and stay true.
By   - Student from Nashville on 3/8/2018
I never expected a 100% natural perfume to be THE BEST orange blossom fragrance ever. It is exquisite. Totally focused on orange blossom. Sweet in all the right ways. Not tangy at all, which is perfect. So natural, and lasts forever on my skin. Cant say enough positive things! Buying the bottle right now. Ten shining stars!
By   - Broker from San Francisco on 12/17/2016
I wrote my last review based on just a mere sample of this beautiful fragrance. Now that I have treated myself to a full size I can actually say its more beautiful than I imagined. I spray it in the morning and it is such a uplifting scent inspired by a beautiful lush garden with a burst green nature and orange blossom. It is an all natural perfume so no ugly chemicals and its hand crafted in small batches. It last all day especially on my skin. Its one of those scents that make you feel so happy that I cant stop smiling. Thank you Hiram!
By   - Manager from Rancho Cucamonga, CA on 9/30/2016
Starts in a bit of an overpowering, citrus way before settling down to be a pleasant, orange blossom scent, as described in the other reviews. Quite lasting. Not the full bottle for me, though.
By   - Perfume enthusiast from Newcastle upon Tyne on 8/27/2016
Agree with the review below - this is a lovely orange scent that''s perfect for summer. There''s not a lot going on here - it''s very much like a soliflore - but nevertheless IMO it''s a nice addition to a woman''s collection. Not sure it would work for a man though.As for its staying power, I spritzed myself about two hours ago and it''s still going, but I wouldn''t expect it to last too much longer, so a small purse spray might come in handy.
By   - Attorney from New York on 7/27/2016
I wish I had the right words to express how much I love this perfume. I have tried the 3 other Hiram fragrances and none have captured my attention. Shangri La is too dark, Voyage is just so so, and Moon Bloom is way too sweet for me, but this is such a gorgeous perfume. At first spray you get a burst of green with a slight orange blossom but then is softens to such a beautiful soft orange blossom that I cant describe. The scent transports me to a beautiful lush garden with the sunrays beaming through the trees. If anyone ask what I am wearing I think I may be too selfish to share the truth as I would want know one else to have this beautiful fragrance that is perfect for the spring or summer.
By   - Manager from Rancho Cucamonga on 7/27/2016
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