Piotr Czarnecki


Eau de Parfum

Kiviskin Sizes Available:
100ml $195
0.7ml sample $6
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Here's what other people are saying about Kiviskin...
I rarely do a second review, but this deserves it more ' I recently mentioned it has green over tones of Appleseed and green fruited scents, but it does not contain any of this, the Opening is Green , Vibrant and mixed with a Tinge of Sour notes, think green candy, but very masculine, then it moves into a Green Leathery expensive aroma, I feel like I am walking into an expensive high end Luggage store where there is nothing but quality products, fantastic overtones of what ever else this contains is bliss to the senses. I like the feeling of expense , high quality and this delivers.
By   - Office Manager from San Francisco on 3/27/2019
The opening is a fabulous green appleseed aroma that mesmerizes the senses, a tinge of sour notes that plays music of comforting tropical beaches, the fresh scent of citrus fruits, mingled with something wonderful, a great spring and summer scent but i will be wearing it all year round. Perhaps its my new signature scent.
By   - Office Manager from San Francisco on 3/21/2019
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