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The best fleurs d’orange-vanilla I've ever met. It smells amazing, I love it. Gorgeous fragrance,.
By   - teacher from Delaware on 3/16/2021
Somewhere between sugar cookies and Grandma's face powder but I just love it.
By   - Editor from Billings on 3/8/2021
Wow. Just got a sample and had to immediately write my first review ever on this site because this is an insanely good fragrance. Although it says it leans feminine, I will definitely be wearing this frequently. It reminds me a bit of Grand Soir, but more fun and boozy. Don't waste your time getting the 10ml sample, just get a full bottle.
By   - Clerk from Des Moines on 3/3/2021
The first thing that struck me about this scent was an aggressively sweet asian fruit/melon sort of scent mixed with something artificial and even sweeter, like scented erasers from elementary school. I caught a touch of powder as well. None of this sounds too bad, but my overall impression was of something on the sickly side of sweet, and overall found it absolutely cloying. I've never had such a bad reaction to a perfume before, and while I've tried plenty of perfumes I just didn't like, this is the first I've found one outright offensive and had to scrub it off. If you like saccharine, neon, in-your-face scents, this might be your cup of tea. If you don't like those things, I'd steer well clear.
By   - Finance from San Francisco on 2/16/2021
At first sniff (not even a spray, just a sniff of the bottle inside its packaging) this was overwhelmingly strong, supersweet neroli. I honestly wasn't sure I could ever wear it, as just the sniff gave me an instant twinge in the head. However, it will mellow after it's on for a few hours, and then it's a voluptuous, throwback 80's-type blockbuster perfume: think Giorgio but with orange blossom instead of tuberose. A very adult dreamsicle. I keep finding myself drawn to it. It does seem to fade relatively fast given its huge initially blast of scent.
By   - Science Writer from Madison on 2/11/2019
I’ve tried quite a few neroli scents but something was always amiss or too powdery or a bit nauseating. This is none of those things and I keep smelling it on the scarf I sprayed it on and it’s divine for 24-hours. A perfect balance of orange, spice, warmth, honey and delicate flowers. Keep making please! ????
By   - Artist from Bk on 12/12/2018
If you like Dior's "Poison" you will like "And the World is Yours". I found it overwhelming, way too strong, gave me a headache, was never a fan of Poison.
By   - Retired from Cape Coral on 12/11/2018
I can see why this continues to be on back order..It smells amazing. The sweet scent last for hours and just a little dab will do you.
By   - Fitness  from Green Bay on 12/2/2018
I have been Dominique Ropion fan since I smelled Portrait of A Lady and collecting some of his masterpieces. This is a very potent, one spray for me is enough. It is smells so deliciously good OMG! Please make a 100 ml. Can’t get enough of this. Ladies, add this one.
By   - Flight Attendant  from Myrtle Beach on 11/20/2018
I have never smelled anything else like this before. Scooped it up on its first release and didn’t hesitate to grab it again. ATWIY is a total Sex Bomb. I love it.
By   - Florist from STL on 11/11/2018
Words cannot describe this fragrance. Being a huge fan of Heliotrope, i had to try this one. Also love Ropion's 'portrait of a lady', so i knew this one would be great, even before i smelled it. The thing i most enjoy about this fragrance, is that even thought it has 'staying power', it is not overly strong. It is a sweet fragrance, and i am not sure why, but sometimes i get a whiff of grapes! I am saving the small amount i have left for special occasion now! i really hope they offer more in the future!
By   - administrative from oklahoma city on 9/12/2018
And The World Is Yours is a GORGEOUS fragrance. I know it's limited edition but please make it permanent.
By   - Designer from Metro Detroit on 8/9/2018
The scent is divine. Ageless, timeless, truly feminine, and .... I cannot find a better word than: very dualistic, in a strange but extremely appealing way. Like yin and yang, or like two notes sounding in unison yet not blending together. Very interesting effect. Absolutely love it. Too bad it is out of stock, would love to buy more. I'm afraid the 10ml bottle won't last long since I plan to use it every day.
By   - Research from Washington DC on 4/13/2018
I’m so addicted to this! Dominique Ropion is a genius! I want more. I need another bottle. Please.....
By   - MD from Louisville on 4/9/2018
...should be "And The (Post-Nuclear) World Is Yours." This is a nuclear bomb of a perfume tearing through your atmosphere and temporarily erasing everything else into searing, white-hot smoking ruins of spicy orange creamsicles. NSFW is an understatement--it'd be like showing up in a wet-bathing suit à la Pam Anderson. Almost Axe...but amazing! Despite the fiery opening, there is a "wetness" to it (I don't know what it is as per the ingredients, but it made me think of emerging from a pool on a hot day and smelling one's sunscreen slipping off), and in the dry-down that wetness is more pronounced, veering straight into spicy, masculine territory. Love it or hate it, it takes no prisoners. I am seduced, and expected no less from Ropion.
By   - Designer from San Francisco on 3/6/2018
Deep and sweet with vanilla woven into the base giving it a heavy gourmand feeling without smelling overly vanilla. Tolu and Heliotrope add richness and sophistication while tempering the fragrance into a smooth as silk presentation that lingers on the skin. Definitely a dress up and go to dinner fragrance. If you love neroli it is most swoonworthy!
By   - Ex-blogger from Now The PNW on 3/5/2018
WOW! This is just gorgeous, as I expected! Mr. Ropion is one of my favorite noses; I own several of his creations and love them all. The neroli and spices are perfectly blended, and the vanilla musk brings everything together beautifully. Sillage is excellent....it's actually projecting a bit louder than I usually prefer....but it's not overwhelming. This is NOT daytime/office perfume, at least in my world. This is evening, date night, claim your own Oscar in a ballgown perfume. Beautiful! PS. It's time to sample more of A Lab on Fire's scents! I love "What We Do in Paris is Secret"....it's time to sample 'em all!
By   - Pharmacist, Mom, Wife, PerfumeGeek from Grayson, GA on 3/5/2018
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