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Hits that interesting, sweet spot that I like. A spiced floral. Herbaceous without being too peppery, and light without being too soft and flowery. The key lime blends into the ginger, helping it stay bright but I don’t smell Cola at all but that might be the spices mixing with the coriander and thyme. The coriander and thyme help the amber and musk from taking it too deep and heavy. Found it to be a great unisex EDP option for summer or fall.
By   - Hobbiest from Canada on 8/9/2021
I agree with Sundays review on the cinnamon note and the christmas air freshener, spot on what I'm getting as well, a very happy and fizzy ginger on top, spices and sugar cookies underneath, would love it for the winter holidays but was expecting a more summery thing :) Gives me a bit of the same feel as Phaedon Tabac Rouge, they would fill some of the same need for me.
By   - Photographer from Kristiansand on 7/14/2021
Really love gourmand fragrances. This one reminds me of what an expensive baby would smell like or designer cereal. Definitely can smell the Macaron & Cola. Knew I was going to like it from the notes given in the description so I purchased a full bottle with no regrets.
By   - Sound Designer from NC on 5/13/2021
I really wanted to love this fragrance, because the ginger, cola, and lime are definitely predominant in the opening (first 1/2 hour) and very unique, but the entire perfume disappears on my skin within 3-4 hours, and by disappears I mean it's gone completely (not even a light amber lingers...). You do get a nice soft amber, musk, with a bit of neroli in the dry-down (hour 1-3), but then it's gone. Such a shame - If the fragrance had better lasting power it would definitely be in my wishlist.
By   - Admin from Toronto on 2/27/2018
I LOVE love love this. The lime and cola are spot on, and I do wish this part lasted longer. Then it becomes super sweet macaron and lasts a long time on me, with two sprays on the wrists I get about six hours. It would be great if there were more perfumes with these particular lime and especially the cola note, it's amazing. I don't wear many sweet scents, but this is one I will always own as long as it's available.
By   - designated thinker from Mckinney on 7/31/2017
This may be a first love sort of thing, but I adore this perfume. I tried a sample, expecting something fun and bright, and it was that at first. After constant sample sniffing, I took the plunge for a full bottle: my first FB of any scent. I wore this almost exclusively through my second year of college. Some days it smells more citrus and soft. Others, it wore very warm and spicy, with some obligatory fresh of fruit. It's a comforting smell. I can't say it fits any particular season, because I've worn it through all. My bottle is basically empty (thanks to a tricky habit of spraying my bed linens with it, which probably used more than I'd like to admit, but it was worth it to sink under the sheets to a burst of warm citrus-y musk.)
By   - Student from Orono on 6/15/2016
At first scent, I hated this, but the dry down is beautiful and so unique. There is a light spice and creaminess that makes it feel sophisticated and sexy. It doesn't last very long, I've had it on for about 30 minutes and it's gone already.
By   - Marketing from Washington DC on 5/5/2016
I'm not in love with this one. I was very excited to receive this sample in the mail, but was disappointed with the product. It reminds me of a Christmas air freshener. It almost has a cinnamon scent. I wouldn't suggest it.
By   - Marketing Director  from Washington DC on 5/5/2016
Sweet soft. Maybe a hint of a softer gentler Hypnotic Poison? And like Kaiser Soze, it was gone...
By   - Artist from Atlanta on 12/6/2015
I must say that A Lab on Fire has done it again! WWDP was the first I tried and it had me at hello. Then Made in Heaven came my way, and I get more compliments with that scent than any others I have worn...and I have worn a lot. Then Paris LA, another total hit, has hit my collection. It is different, citrus, cola, then rich like a creme brûlée. I just love, love, love, this line. I want to tell everyone but I'm afraid it will leave less for me ;-)
By   - from Louisville on 6/12/2015
I just received a bottle of What Stays in Paris is Secret, which I've been dying to buy for ages. With it came a sample of Paris LA. Oh my god, so delicious. I haven't worn it out of the house yet, but if someone doesn't try to eat me I will be really surprised.
By   - student from New Haven, CT on 11/27/2014
WOW!!! Just ordered a sample out of sheer curiosity (what does coca cola smell like) and I am impressed. Bright, fizzy, happy, light, and slightly fruity but not overly sweet. I feel happier each time I take a whiff; this scent is a sunny disposition natural antidepressant in a bottle. Wonderful, I dare you not to smile when you smell this gorgeous juice.
By   - stylist from Venice on 11/8/2014
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