Knize Ten Bar Soap

Scented Bar Soap

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Incredibly good-smelling bar soap, hand-size, but startlingly hefty in weight... obviously French-milled, so it will last a good long while. Here the classic, complex leather/floral/spicy/woody stamp of KNIZE TEN is all present... the sharper edges and tarry leather of the Toilet Water smoothed somewhat, as you'd expect. I was glad that the bar is triple-wrapped (in nested heavy-card boxes and cello) so the fragrance of the soap is quite potent indeed on unwrap. Adds a highly sophisticated touch to my shower and shaving routine, and scents my whole bathroom wonderfully. Decidedly masculine in character, as the Toilet Water is, but I suspect women will find it irresistible, too.
By   - artist from central texas, USA on 12/29/2019
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