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Amyris Homme

Eau de Toilette

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After opening the box and spraying some on, my wife immediately says, "Oh I like that one!" Now, she has never responded to any of my fragrances in this way, ever!! She says, "Amyris has a bit of a tropical vibe to it!" A citrusy, slightly musky, sweet fragrance. Very much so, I get a coconut sweetness, even Iris which gives this a floral (semi-musky) feel; the combination of Tonka bean and Oud really gives Amyris a platform and foundation. This is a very calm/nice masculine fragrance. Wonderful to have!!
By   - Director from Wyoming on 4/14/2018
This is a typical cheap designer frag with an overload of iso-e super. I can't believe this actually made it to production and I can't believe it was put out by the same house that made the Pour le Soir frags. Seriously disappointing.
By   - Engineer from Boulder on 3/1/2015
This doesn't smell bad. It just seems a little "sober" for my general tastes. Wearing this fragrance would put me in a conservative mood. Almost to the point where I'd squelch my sense of humor and become dry and stoic. If such demeanor was warranted (funeral, board meeting, court date, etc.), or if I wanted to give the impression that I was a serious no-nonsense type of guy, then I'd wear this scent.
By   - from Evansville on 2/20/2013
I just received my sample and I have to admit that I have not giving this fragrance a full wearing yet. However, I dabbed it on my thumb. So far, this fragrance is super sexy. I will provide more details after a full wearing. I have to say...this house is quickly becoming one of my favorites along with Guerlain and Chanel. I recommend sampling the entire line.
By   - Musician from Pensacola on 11/15/2012
This is a unique, fresh, clean scent like no others. Absolutely amazing and chic!!!
By  on 10/18/2012
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