Goe Oil
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I'm sure this can be a competent moisturizer but the scent is awful. It's not worth the price better to just use vaseline.
By   - mom from Boca Raton on 4/23/2019
This is GOOD stuff. It's an oil that's slightly firm like a lotion when in the tube. Once you squeeze it it liquifies. It is long lasting, the smell is out of this world outrageous and it genuinely moisturizers. If you're a Moroccan oil user, you'll find yourself putting this through your hair in the same way. It's costly but I find it to be WORTH IT. My first tube I treated like gold, sharing with only my most near and dear! :) I'm onto my 2nd tube and ill buy a 3rd when needed. I have found it at a more affordable price at my local health food shop so I've not purchased from LS, but you should!!! It's also excellent for massage.
By  on 11/28/2012
This is the best moisturizer anybody can buy, you put this oil on after showering and it completely replenishes the skin.
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