The Green Balm
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It's small--(15ml). The container is roughly an inch-and-a-half in diameter and an inch high. A little larger than battery-powered votive light. The ointment itself has a lightly vegetal smell and a pale green color. If you love ointments (which contain oils) and block moisture from leaving the skin, you will love this. If you prefer creams, which attract moisture in the air into the skin, you will not. Even "dry oil," or "fast absorbing," oils are oils and will feel greasy for some time after you apply them. This ointment is fine, but too greasy (for me) as a hand cream. No miracle for me. It may be perfect for you.
By   - Writer from Phoenix on 9/11/2016
Bought this cram based on great reviews. Not sure if I got an expired product, but it was terrible: rancid smelling, greasy, sticky stuff that was very difficult to wash off. Ended up in a trash can, will never buy this product again.
By   - from Philadelphia on 2/17/2015
I really love this stuff. It's a smooth, white balm with a little bit of a granule texture and a slight, green tint. It melts into the skin after a little rubbing and immediately begins soothing any dry or cracked skin. It leaves no residue and I don't feel like my pores are being spackled over; it heals but lets your skin breathe, which is no small feat for a dense balm. Another poster described the smell as medicinal, but I would say it's more herbal and it's very, very subtle. I love its slightly floral-fresh, yarrow, tea tree and chlorophyll smell. The tea tree scent is very faint and the yarrow is more prominent. I'm using this stuff all over my body and will definitely buy it again! The pricing is in the median range but this is a concentrated, thick balm, so a little bit goes a long way.
By  on 1/31/2012
My son got a bad sunburn this summer - red, itchy and peeling. This worked like a charm. I put some on him at night and he felt immediate relief. It really sped up the healing process.
By  on 9/13/2008
This stuff is great! I have a serious problem with dry hands in the winter - they crack and bleed, and this balm is wonderful. I had been using other balms, but they are usually petroleum based and leave a horrible greasy film on my skin - I could only use them at bedtime, otherwise I'd leave greasy finger/palm prints everywhere. This balm soaks right in and soothes my cracked dry skin. It's not cheap, but it's definitely worth it. The only drawback is the scent, which is kind of harsh-herby/medicinal, but it fades fairly quickly after you apply it. Highly recommended for dry skin sufferers!
By   - film editor from NYC on 1/11/2008
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