Lait Frais - Fresh Lotion for the Body
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i have been in love with this lotion for 5 years! it is THE best orange blossom scented lotion on the market. i use it in place of perfume. and it lasts all day. makes me feel sexy and sophisticated.
By   - from san rafael on 3/18/2012
Ok, this was the one product in the entire "Art of The Body" line that I thought wouldn't be that great with my chemistry, but I was wrong. This one's a sleeper. It's softly pretty and clean like you've just taken and shower but it lasts all day. It's worth a sample and it may become your new love.
By   - HR Specialist from Virginia on 11/9/2009
I love the light texture of this lotion--nothing heavy, very nice for summer. It has a very strong and long-lasting petitgrain scent and is not sweet at all, almost bitter. The scent lasts for several hours.
By  on 8/27/2009
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