Kiki - Parfum Extrait
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7.5ml $180
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A lavender for lavender lovers. Pick a lavender flower and rub it a little: smell the slightly sweet, powdery, almost burnt sugar nuance mixed with the astringently fresh, herbal punch? That's Kiki in parfum. All sides of the blossom painted in bold colors.
By   - Dilettante from Vancouver on 8/10/2014
I love this perfume. It will definitely be a bottle purchase for me. I adore lavender, and the caramel? Wow. The subtle sweetness with the lavender is just lovely.
By   - Student from Nor Cal on 8/5/2014
I must shout the praises of my beloved, Kiki. Of all the vero profumos, this was the most wearable and delightful on my skin. (I love her others, but this was a full bottle purchase for me, without any regrets)! Starts fresh, invigorating, inviting yet relaxing with the bergamot and lavender. Later creates a story that winds down to sitting by the fire with a cozy toffee flavored coffee, with a blend of je ne sais quoi. My mood is uplifted, calm yet with a quiet spirit of anything can happen. A masterful piece, changes each time I wear it. I highly recommend!
By  on 2/13/2014
Really bad on me - like an unpleasant aftershave. I don't get any lavender at all.
By   - from MI on 12/4/2011
sounds lovely but this JUST STINKS!! Overpowering lavendar, how is that going to impress anyone i smell like a scented bleach toilet cleaner. ewwwww one of the worst scents ive tried, caramel musk and fruits are background players only, in fact i cant even smell much of them at all but just enough to know theres something other than lavendar. This is horrid!
By   - admin from melb on 11/9/2009
I LOVE THIS ! It's a modern Jicky minus the civet !
By   - from CA on 9/28/2009
Gimme a break! this perfume is soooo overrated and OVERPRICED!!! it reminds me of a REALLY nice mens aftershave cologne. Just because this is spendy,does not qualify it as a great perfume!
By   - perfume reviewer from cincinnati on 7/20/2009
What a treat! This is a luscious blend of lavender and caramel, that hints at lavender infused caramels you may find in a gourmet shop in Paris. But it is not a sugary-sweet caramel scent... it's definitely more of a lavender scent, with an herbal focus, rather than a sugar focus. The caramel just flirts with the lavender, teasing it, but never overtaking it. This is terrific stuff. Enjoy!
By  on 10/2/2008
I had to give this perfume with my name a go! The lavender tempers the other sweet notes, it never gets sugary despite the caramel and (light) fruit. Lavender dominates at first and then it all blends together seamlessly to a gorgeous elixir that is calling my name. For me, a must buy!
By  on 9/29/2008
Gorgeous parfum, i know the combo sounds weird, but it works, very nicely done and not sweet at all....
By  on 9/25/2008
Lavender and caramel sounds like a weird combination, but it works. It kind of reminds me of a lavender infused creme brulee dessert. Not overly sweet, very well blended.
By   - from San Diego, California on 9/19/2008
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