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Clean, flower, mineral, green
By   - N/a from Aug on 5/27/2020
Something in it didn't agree with my chemistry since after a while it turned sort of stale. On clothes it was fine. Quite citrusy than I expected. A bit too much for me but overall its a pleasant perfume. Just not for me. I also didn't feel like it lasted long.
By   - student from Dallas on 1/12/2020
An extraordinary fresh Summertime cologne that does transport you to a state of mind, feeling you are in an Italian garden. A very subtle fragrance, of doily notes, green notes, citrus, light florals. Then a whisper of incense, and amber, but such an airy, sheer, beatifull fragrance, when you want something very light and refreshing, that's also unusual...
By   - physical therapist. from Baltimore on 1/4/2017
Like it, but don't love it. Cedar amps on me till I smell like a freshly-sharpened pencil. That and the incense is just a bit too stringent for me. Too dry. Not a hot weather fragrance for me; maybe in cooler weather. If you like incense, give it a try.
By   - Artist from Phoenix on 5/17/2014
Bought this blind as a decant (10 ml.)...wore it occasionally over a couple of years. Always enjoyed it...warm but a bit citrus sharpness. Just a good daily knock-around scent.
By   - concierge from las vegas on 5/14/2014
This goes beyond the usual citrus effect for me. Like standing on a beach, breathing in the sea spray on a sunny day. Truly beautiful and sensual.
By   - Perfume editor and consultant from London on 4/12/2013
I am in loooooooove with this perfume! I requested it as a sample with a previous purchase, and had my nose glued to my wrist ever since! With only a few spritzes I received compliments.... I would describe it as an earthy floral, and I'm not particularly keen on either one of those types of scents, yet this one totally works. It is truly spectacular, and I urge you to at least try a sample. YOU'LL BE HOOKED!!!
By   - Education from CT on 6/29/2011
Think a few drops of Garage by Commes fell into the mix of this one accompanied by italian gardens, i cant stop smelling myself. Citrus with an amazing twist.
By  on 5/1/2011
Think a few drops of Garage by Commes fell into the mic of this one accompanied by italian gardens, i cant stop smelling myself. Citrus with an amazing twist.
By  on 5/1/2011
Wow! This is really a beautiful scent. I get citrus, bergamot with a hint of incense. I first sampled this scent from their soap of the same name and felt compelled to try the fragrance. I made the right decision. Though I never been to Italy, the description at least brings me an olfactory description.
By   - Bon Vivant from California on 4/7/2011
I really like Aqua Di Parma classic. Have been using it for years even though it is not long lasting. I like the summery freshness - use it when I dont really feel like committing to a dominating cologne or if wearing a strong fragrance might not be appropriate or where proximity with others might make you "annoying" (dinner out, theater, etc). Aqua Di Parma is a classic refresher and very subtle. I thought then that Eau d'Italie would be a fun try as it appears to contain much of what I like in Aqua Di Parma. Unfortunately, I found that there is a sweetness in this fragrance that becomes a bit annoying (to me). It is a nice cologne and I would recommend it but caution those who, like me, lean more toward more true citrus tones when looking at scents like this one.
By   - Pharma from Philadelphia on 8/6/2009
just bought this in Rome. didn't know it before, missed seeing it here- it became an instant favourite, it is absolutely unlike any other scent- balancing absolutely clean herbaceous notes with a delicate, almost insinuation only, of incense. literally transports you to Italy, sipping a chilled glass of Vermentino in a seaside villa while basking on the terrace in the last rays of the afternoon sun.. vacation in a bottle.
By   - chef from tel-aviv on 7/2/2009
Room spray.
By   - from Toronto on 3/8/2009
Just gorgeous and clean. The bergamot and currant blend seamessly with the cedar and incense. Reminds me of sun-dried laundry with a whiff of non-sweet crisp green. A definite purchase!
By   - Mom from Atlanta on 11/1/2008
Amazing red clay and herbs smell with some citrus--weird, and distinct, and so, so good.
By   - from San Francisco on 9/19/2008
Very classic,gorgeous fragrance! purchased,without sampling and my instincts were right! although it says its a unisex scent,it is feminine to me..
By   - perfume lover from cincinnati on 6/12/2008
This is so amazing.....
By   - Coordinator from Toronto on 5/30/2008
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