Beach Hut Man

Eau de Parfum

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My second review of BHM. This remains very impressive. The elements are so happy and satisfying. The scent lasts all day. Really a remarkable fragrance.
By   - Man about Town from Washington DC on 3/17/2021
Wow! Where do I start. This is my favorite summer fragrance of all time! Fresh, juicy, refined, and musky in the best way possible. Longevity is well over 12 hours on my skin. Compliments were plentiful.
By   - Musician from Pensacola on 3/17/2021
Man, this smells really good! I keep thinking of that movie "The Beach" with Leonardo C. For some reason, I imagine the island smelling like this fragrance. It's deep, tropical, mysterious, and woodsy. It's definitely full bottle worthy. I'm going to have to start saving for this one so by the spring I can buy it.
By   - Sales from Germantown on 2/10/2021
Just got this the other day and is my 4th Amouage fragrance. Currently had Reflection Man and Portrayal Man and added this and Interlude Black Iris. Beach Hut Man is another hit and I love it as much as my other three, but this can be worn in warm weather. Smells almost like a Fougere but with more mint and earthy smell. Wife loves it as well.
By   - Sales from Dallas on 8/10/2020
Intensely underrated fragrance. The mint and vetiver are mouthwatering! It was love at first sniff and bought a full bottle immediately. I love it!
By   - Certified Personal Trainer from Oregon on 11/13/2019
Got the fb from luckyscent 2 days back - a blind buy and totally worth it. Starts off with mint, a brazen bitter one and settles down to a smooth herbal scent, green with immense projection; similar to others from this house. I've been wearing continously for 2 days and works pretty well in summer. I'm on the beach, but not near the waves and can see the pelicans fly by over head.
By   - Business Executive from Cary on 8/11/2019
WOW! Surprised beyond belief. For a long while I thought this line was over produced, over priced, and over exposed. I like Jubilation Man but it is too much, too big. This one though! This one is a masterwork. Stunning. I've worn it two days in a row now from a sample vial and it's intoxicating, so masculine--as modern masculine. The vetiver and galbanum carry the notes throughout but other notes appear at different moments of the wearing--I swear, sometimes there's even coconut and rum but in a beautiful, sensuous way. Gorgeous. Now If I can just justify the cost.
By   - Man about Town from Washington DC on 2/5/2019
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