Bracken Woman

Eau de Parfum

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Sadly was disappointing for me -- I usually adore Amouage, and the description sounded right up my alley, but Bracken Woman's berries overpowered the rest of the notes on me: I smelled like Welch's fruit snacks!
By   - student from Santa Monica on 11/23/2018
I am so smitten! Amouage is guarateed to be beautiful and wearable. Bracken assaults the senses with berries and chamomile, then a sexy and powerfully feminine lily rises from a dense thicket of forest green patchouli/chamomile madness. Smoky leather softens the accord over time, and after about 10 hours, I get a sense of dense, shaded ivy on a spring morning, refreshing and sweet. Sllahe is moderate, longevity is perfect. This perfume is a trip!! I adore it. Full bottle worthy PLUS a backup.
By   - Director, Data Analytics from Philadelphia on 12/2/2017
Once again, my beloved Amouage does not disappoint. Bracken is all kinds of gorgeous. The opening green is reminiscent of Chanel No. 19 and even shades of Cristalle. In fact, much of Amouage's work reminds me of old school Chanel; the way their fragrances are structured. While No. 19 retains it's sharp edges, Bracken softens into something lovely and feminine, without ever becoming cloying. This thing is a stunner.
By   - ORM Specialist from Chippewa Falls on 4/17/2017
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