Fate Woman

Eau de Parfum

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100ml $340 $260
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Here's what other people are saying about Fate Woman...
The dry-down does remind me of the Opium that my favorite aunt had on her vanity when she was in her 20's and I was a small child. I do like it, probably better than I like Opium, but its not something I would want to wear every day because I'm not fond of the powdery notes that it keeps even in dry-down (at least on me).
By   - Medical assistant from Newport Beach, CA on 2/7/2019
After sampling Fate Woman in early January (2018), I ordered the 100-mil bottle by the end of that month. I can't describe scents in perfumery terms, but I enjoy all of Fate's stages..from its fresh opening to its warm/sensual dry-down. Fate is now one of my current fragrance loves, which I wear anytime I want to experience its scent, whether at home or on special occasions. Btw, I'm not sure what the standards are for calling a perfume the pejorative "old lady" (bah), but my mother has turned 80 (I assume she is now "old"), still practices strict hygiene, and smells wonderful..even without perfume.
By   - stay-at-home mom from MetroManila, Philippines on 10/8/2018
I'm with Penelope on this one (and I bet I'm older than she is). I genuinely wonder if Turin ever wore this or smelled it on anyone else's skin. It IS glorious coming out of the bottle but devolves 15 or 20 minutes after application to old-lady lilac and violet. Yardley talcum powder for $300/bottle?
By   - Occupied from Phoenix on 3/14/2018
Starts nice, but turns old lady powdery on me, which happens often with these base notes, sigh o well moving on!
By   - Techie nerd hearder  from San Antonio on 10/21/2016
I am utterly baffled by the reviews. Maybe I am too young to "get" the appeal here? The hype surrounding this fragrance made me eager to sample it. But this is quite honestly the quintessential old lady perfume. When I think of the signature elderly woman's scent, this is what comes to mind. Powdery, cloying, sort of mothball-y. Certainly not sexy. If I had to say one positive thing, it's...sophisticated? I do not know why anyone below the retirement age would be drawn to this one.
By   - Paralegal from New Orleans on 4/15/2016
The powdery-iridescent opening notes are everything Turin claims, but it's the cedary, amber-dusty, almost brandy-like drydown that's truly beautiful to me. Wood and oakmoss notes without crowding, rose and patchouli without triteness or floral overload, light and movement without citrus blare -- this one's a marvel. (And despite the name, this would be delightful on a man as well.)
By   - editor from Seattle on 11/20/2015
This perfume is out of this world! I love the incense, woods, and especially the silky smooth spices. I am not sure how spices can be silky smooth, but they are. This is destined to become a favorite. I had to purchase this and will treasure every gorgeous drop!
By   - self-employed on 1/26/2015
Great complex scent . I appreciate to quality and the scent but far too much dusty powder for my personal taste . People keep saying this is like Opium in some way . The only way this is like Opium to me is that they are both oriental in style and long lasting. Opium in vintage extrait and EDP are still better. Sorry , personal opinion .
By   - from CA on 7/22/2014
This is unbelievable. I am in no way a perfume reviewer, and lack the olfactory talent to accurately describe and properly review a fragrance, however i tested this and could not stop loving it. From application, this was intoxicating. I am fairly new to the niche perfume world, and love florientales, amouage house being my new favorite. I currently own Epic, jubilation, opus Iv and v. But Fate, oh my Goodness. This will be my new signature. I am dangerously in love. It is warm, feminine, deep and seductive. Super classy and in no way overpowering, but the longevity is amazing. Definitely worth the price, considering that you only need a few sprays and no reapplication is necessary. This bottle should last a very long time.
By   - from New York on 5/30/2014
one of the most wonderful scents i've ever had the pleasure of wearing- nothing sharp here, all rounded edges. you'd think this combination of scents would be heavy but it's not- quite light but sturdy and warm. definitely saving up for a full bottle.
By  on 1/9/2014
I received this in sample luck and unfortunately fell in love with this right away. I say unfortunately for my wallet. Starts out powdery and slightly citrusy, then turns into a spicy powerhouse reminescent of Opium. It is Opium's cousin, but I feel deserves a spot in the collection if you like spicy orientals. Huge sillage and incredible longevity - still noticeable on me after 12 hours. Yet no headache inducing heaviness. Love it!
By   - from Toronto on 12/28/2013
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