Fate Man

Eau de Parfum

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An ethereal spice that seems to exist both in it's past and present. It plays like an ode to the heritage of those precious materials used. This is an experience worth having.
By   - paper pusher from Sacramento on 5/24/2018
Love it or hate it, Fate Man is an intriguing and intoxicating fragrance by the prestigious house of Amouage. Holding true to it's signature spices from the orient, this scent defies it predecessors by daring to be different and to stand out from the crowd. If Fate is meant to embrace the uncertainty of the future then it most certainly does that without trepidation. I find it incredibly luxurious, complex, bold and masculine. Fate's longevity is incredible and I can often smell it on me the next day. This polarizing scent is not for the uncertain or the faint of heart. It confidentially commands attention whether you love it or not.
By   - Creative Director from Chicago on 7/20/2016
Amouage's most bizarre, least accessible perfume. Smells strongly of those cumin and chili powder encrusted tamarind sweets you find in Mexican groceries. Majorly animalic and full of body odor notes. You know how there is a certain unmistakable Amouage DNA? Well, this is the first time I couldn't blindly guess it was an Amouage. Almost outrageously aggressive. I knocked it down to 4 stars because at times I found it to be WAY too much for my nose to handle.
By   - NASA Custodian from Nowhere on 9/30/2015
This is a fragrance that in my case fullfils a hankering for a savoury spiciness. I have found subtle sweet nuances in Fate Man during the warmer months in Australia, and its woodier and drier during the winters. Wears well either way. I like that the immortelle is not sweet and syrupy. I can understand if people recoil the first time its experienced, as it can be percieved as bizzare, but if you are looking for a woody spicy fragrance with presence and character that is not too sweet, you may like it. Subtlety is the key, a little goes a long way with Fate Man.
By   - Artist from Australia, VIC on 8/1/2014
Instantly reminded me of Wazamba by Parfum D'Empire, but with what i perceive as a tobacco note lingering in the background. Strong sandalwood and balsams, with incense. If you like this, try Wazamba, which adds some dried fruits to the mix.
By   - Senior Software Test Specialist from Silver Spring MD on 6/27/2014
The best ever I have tried , lasts long, just one spray, it will make a long lasting effect..
By   - physician  from minn on 4/16/2014
In my opinion, there are better Amouage fragrances than Fate. Some people may like it, but to me it is just I much prefer Jubilation XXV. Jubilation XXV is my favorite Amouage fragrance.
By  on 3/25/2014
In my oppinion the best, and most exciting from Amouage so far. Very complex! It's both sweet and sharp. Amouage Fate smells like spice heaven! Wear it, and you will get noticed.
By  on 11/1/2013
Worth every penny.…a must have. This finale could not be better or more appropriate. It's different too.…a little old school meets 21st century modern. Guys you really do need to try a few samples. And I hate saying this since Amouage chose not to give Beloved Man or Woman to anyone but Bergdorf's but, can I just say damn. Wonderful…absolutely exquisite! At least that's what my credit card was saying as I paid the bill…la douleur exquise!!
By   - Retired in LA.  from Homer on 10/25/2013
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