Interlude Woman

Eau de Parfum

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100ml $340 $220
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Here's what other people are saying about Interlude Woman...
Far too much going on here. I should have known from the crazy number of different notes. I think the combo of nuts rose and frankincense killed it for me.
By   - writer from Chicago on 6/23/2020
I have an alternate name for this--Walnut Woman. I CANNOT get past the walnut in the opening which is awful as far as I'm concerned. I almost never write a review until a scent has had a "second chance" wearing, but I already know I would never want a scent like this even if it gets lots better as it lingers.
By   - writer from Chicago on 9/9/2019
I found Amouage line a perfect fall scent. It is so beautiful on my skin that basically I'm one with it. I tired but can't describe the feeling so easy. I surely love honey so maybe that's another part that makes it so attractive. Lately I'm looking for scents that are not overly sweet but has a hidden side of being sweet. Seems like we have a lot of base notes here but basically the easiest way I could describe it: dry juiciness is topped with fruits. Amazing. True quality. Leathery fruity heaven.
By   - Teacher  from NYC on 10/2/2016
On me, it almost makes me feel like I smell like Nag Champa (incense). I like the smell, but at work, I almost feel inappropriate wearing it only because I feel like I walked out of a head shop.
By   - Graphic Designer from Phoenix, AZ on 1/17/2013
Simply superb. Excellent. Great sillage. Erotic and sexy on sooo many levels.
By   - DR from USA on 11/4/2012
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