Reflection Woman

Eau de Parfum

by Amouage

Reflection Woman Sizes Available:
100ml Eau de Parfum $300 $180
0.7ml sample $4
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Here's what other people are saying about Reflection Woman...
One of the Best Fragrances in existence in my opinion ! Amazingly soft,smooth,fancy and perfect for a lady. It does smell like a amazing lady in a silver shiny dress going to a ball. This fragrance is a little bit soft and understated, but can be charming and seductive because of it. Perfect for a soft-spoken or perhaps reserved woman. 5 to 7 hours longevity, soft projection and good silage.
By   - Fragrance Reviewer and Writer from hattiesburg on 8/20/2019
Absolutely LOVE it! It is truly a wonderfully floral scent. Great combination of the watery florals and soft musk.
By   - Therapist from NYC on 6/23/2010
Okay, my 12 year old daughter likes it, possibly because it has notes of Royal Violeta that she's used since she was a baby. But to me, the freesia (and I admit, I'm not a floral person so those who love florals should try it) overwhelms the other notes. The dry down is better than the initial blast and some of the more subtle notes come through, but I don't love it.
By   - self employed from Vermont on 6/27/2009
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