Silver Man

Eau de Parfum

Silver Man Sizes Available:
100ml $340
0.7ml sample $4
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Other reviews are accurate. Subdued fruit, a bit powdery, a bit silver musk, a bit of spice. Clean, soft, happy. Not overly strong in any one direction, nice all around perfume. I could see wearing this at work. However I wouldn't really call it masculine. It works great on me (woman)! It is definitely a softer smell. Good sillage.
By   - Software Tester from Seattle on 8/31/2016
Smells a bit powdery and subtle for my taste; I prefer Lyric, Memoir, and Interlude instead.
By  on 6/19/2015
Silver is on of the better scents from Amouage. Lots of high quality ingredients. It gives a very opulent, powerful, luxurious aura that is a typical signature from Amouage (frankincense). Perfect for stylish elegant gentlemen with fastidious taste. Silver is a classical timeless mens fragrance perfect for day wear and formal evenings with suit and tie. Can be used in all seasons of the year. Very powerful, so 2 sprays is more than enough!
By   - from Oslo on 6/13/2011
Redefine Indian Summer; the Sun ricochets off the waning moon, illuminating ever corner of a frost filled forest. The intoxicating aroma of fallen leaves & frozen flora permeates your senses but refuses to overwhelm you. The sunrise is waiting to make her grand entrance but for now, she doesn't disturb the privacy of this moment. When she enters, her warmth envelops everything; the day's abbreviate but luxuriate with specifics & subtleties that remind you to appreciate the constancy of magic found in another ordinary, extraordinary day ... that's what Amouage Silver offers.
By   - portraitist from Edmonton, Alberta on 4/29/2010
There is nothing silver about the way this Amouge smells to me, but it smells very good. This is the kind of fragrance you might want as a signature scent because it is always nice to smell. It doesn't jump out and grab you but smells like tradition and quality. The plum/orange opening leaves a warm fruit layer over the frankincense, sandalwood, vetiver and patchouli base accords. These two parts of Silver smell like a warm fruited incense laden leather. The use of rose, ylang and orchid florals adds complexity and smokiness to the mid notes without heaviness. A totally unique fragrance that is one of the better mens creations I've tried.
By   - artist from Oklahoma City on 10/24/2009
Silver Man is my personal favorite of Amouage.
By  on 6/13/2009
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