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I cannot believe this was discontinued for awhile - thank heaven it is back! Ubar is so much more than the sum of its parts - jasmine, rose, civet. It makes me think of floating over a flower-filled valley in a gold silk pillow. Gorgeous!
By   - Attorney  from New York on 3/8/2019
You're laying on a lacquered wooden bed, outdoors in an Arabian king's garden. You're surrounded on all sides by white flowers and women from his harem. They're feeding you fresh orange slices in between sips of tea while tossing jasmine and orange blossoms all over you. Ubar Woman by Amouage.
By   - Engineer from Cincinnati on 3/17/2018
Awesome perfume. Hard to break it down, the notes listed above are not really what you smell. Or not what I smell, anyway. I'm not sure where people are coming from with the "old lady" comments, this is really, really good quality perfume - maybe the commenters don't realize that? Starts out with that bergamot lift, but quickly smooths out into something indefinably sweet but substantial - like a creamy wood. For me, the floral notes are not individually perceptible, but you definitely get the "presence" of jasmine and rose. The civet is not clingy or overpowering as it can be in some true vintage fragrances, it's more like one of those people-carriers at the airport that just keeps transporting the fragrance along. Divine.
By   - writer from saratoga springs ny on 1/9/2018
Tried this as a sample. In combination with my skin chemistry, Ubar produces completely different effect than what's described by other reviewers. I do not sense any strong floral notes. The immediate memory it brings, is of old sun-dried rubber mixed with some sweetness, perhaps some floral background. Very warm scent. Becomes increasingly pleasant as it dries down, perfect longevity. I disagree that it smells "old-fashioned"/"old ladies" - to me it doesn't, it lacks the sharpness of typical "old-fashioned" perfumes. It is not too heavy; it's also a very "personal" scent, stays near me rather than projects. I absolutely love Ubar. Would have bought the full bottle if not for high price. Might still buy a full bottle at some point.
By   - Research from Washington on 3/19/2017
Ubar is legendary, and this reformulation lives up to the legend -- a grand rose-and-muguet-and-jasmine edifice with a powdery vanilla-civet breeze blowing through amber-paneled hallways. I'd compare it to a Faberge egg, but that would imply a delicacy that can't even be seen from the parapets of Ubar; that princess is *definitely* in another castle. For those of us who aspire to smell like an empress, not an eclair.
By   - editor from Seattle on 5/4/2016
Ubar is part of my Christmas gift and I've been wearing it for a few days. It is simply astonishing, not what I expected. The box of minis is my first experience with Amouage, and it is nothing like I expected, much more subtle and refined. I could wear this scent for the rest of my life!
By   - Teacher from Clemson, SC on 1/2/2016
No--nothing like Chanel #5! This is not full of aldehydes, and it is a much richer, deeper, and more exotic scent. Heavy on jasmine, it is truly oriental. Lasts forever and a day on the skin. Rather animalic but in just the right way. Most impressive of the Amouage range, a house I have not been impressed with considering the prices. This should have been called Gold--it's fit for a queen and smells like liquid gold.
By   - Self-employed on 1/23/2015
Smells like Chanel # 5 to me. Too mature.
By   - business owner  from Sacramento on 12/11/2014
By   - Librarian from Chicago on 11/3/2013
Bebe from Boston - - I totally agree with you. I put this on and thought..."yikes! My Grandmother used to smell like this. Not a horrible memory, but not my favorite either. I wanted mature and scentuous. This is not it!
By   - Office Clerk from Valencia on 7/23/2013
This fragrance sparkles with a lemony frankincense up top, & smoulders with animalic civet beneath, like diamonds teamed with furs. ln between is an airy floral accord, with a touch of old-fashioned cosmetic powder. lt projects & lasts beautifully, drying down to a base of vanilla & sandalwood. Classically constructed, elegant yet seductive, haunting & ethereal, this is gorgeous stuff, & high on my wishlist!
By   - from southampton uk on 1/25/2013
My favorite Amouage . Different from your usual fruity florals or your amber florals. In fact Ubar is in a class of its own these days. Very unusual retor vintage-y perfume with class and a bit of civet / skankiness . This myabve scary for those only used to vanilla and fruit but if you enjoy high drama ,opera , literature - well Ubar is the equivalent of that. Lily of the valley , dry jasmine, civet and wood with a touch of non foody vanilla. Honestly smells like a more woody Jicky by Guerlain Eau de Parfum minus the lanveder. Excellent longevity and tenacity .Very memorable scent and a good signature of daring ladies and gents.
By  on 7/10/2012
I love this stuff. Beautiful and unique. Tenacious but soft and luxurious. *Very* worth the money. Absolute classic perfumery . Lots of other brands should take note of what perfume /scent/ fragrance could be like - Ubar . No watery drivel here - just fine perfumery .
By  on 5/21/2012
smels retro to me... revokes memories of my mother's perfume and my childhood.... bittersweet and enchanting
By   - from Omaha on 1/23/2011
Thank God we have Amouage to make perfumes for women, not vapid little girls who want to smell like cookie dough! Ubar is a rich, complex perfume for women who know who they are and don't care if others like it or not. Starts out with that odd "floor wax" note that rears its head in Mitsouko from time to time. I find it difficult to classify as floral or spicy or animalic. It seems to be all of these things at different times. Beautiful. Sillage seems to peak about an hour after application and a spritz before bed is still fully felt in the morning. Anyone having a problem with Amouage's vision or prices should fill their boots with Calvin Klein's chemical mish mash to their heart's content and stop criticizing truly amazing fragrance on unfounded grounds.
By  on 8/8/2010
I love this scent, which is definitely for a "mature" woman. Nothing "girly" about Ubar. This fragrance does have the possibility to "wear" someone, instead of the other way around, but if you can pull it off, it is a gorgeous and very complex perfume.
By   - from chicago on 5/28/2009
amouage is truly awful old lady stuff. i even like old fashioned perfumes but these are suffocating and should not be worn around others. ubar is the worst, 2nd to gold.
By   - from boston on 4/24/2009
Oops. Meant to say a good thing.
By  on 4/14/2009
Smells like vintage Cachet from the 70's.And that's a god thing!!
By  on 4/14/2009
This was delicate and powdery on me, very feminine and not loud or strong at all.
By   - from San Diego on 4/6/2009
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