Gold Man

Eau de Parfum

by Amouage

Gold Man Sizes Available:
100ml $320
0.7ml sample $4
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Reminiscent of the long ago discontinued Gucci #3. Dark green chypre love.
By   - PM from Adelaide on 3/11/2015
Now there's a blast of frank!! I understand that it may sound arrogant as all get out, but I feel like I want to tweak this fragrance personally. Play around with the ingredients to suit it to my personal tastes. I like frankincense, but I prefer myrrh or rock rose and wish that one of the others could've taken the lead in this one, or at least had a shining moment or two.... or twenty. Going to try layering it with Lyric for Men to see what happens. I am totally missing the "gold" concept that they intended, so why not mix it up a bit.
By   - from Evansville on 5/1/2013
This is the fragrance I have been searching for for 35 years. I knew when I saw the bottle online, that this was it; one sample confirmed it! Absolutely heavenly. Warm, inviting, mysterious, exclusive, opulent, yet approachable.
By   - Musician from Lawrenceville, GA on 11/13/2011
An exceptional floral for men that is extremely luxurious and warm. This scent is an extreme powerhouse, I can't imagine using more than one spray, ever. Even one spray can verge on cloying. Although, with proper application this scent is a sublime combination of florals, frankincense, and animalics. It starts very floral with a strong lily of the valley nestled against a melange of other floral notes, but is done in a more restrained way than monstrous florals for women such as say, Amarige. The heart is a warm and slightly animalic and powdery blend of frankincense, myrrh, civet, sandalwood, and the receding floral notes. The base slowly softens over time and becomes slightly more powdery but never loses its fullness thanks to the sandalwood and ambergris. I should note that if you really love the heart notes of this fragrance you should check out Mona Lisa by as it is quite similar to this stage, but all natural (and very very good in its own right). To give this anything less than five stars would be an insult to the ideas and concepts niche perfumery stands for. Love it or hate it, there's simply no questioning that this scent is of the highest quality, something that can't be said for many niche scents, sadly. One more thought - it reminds me in some ways of MPG's Or des Indes, although more floral and less powdery, and even higher quality. It also, despite being more floral, comes across as more masculine than the decidedly unisex Or des Indes.
By  on 1/21/2010
If your looking for an incredible, forceful fragrance - guys.... this has got to be the one. i constantly try heavy fragrances which are unusual and quite long lasting but this beats them all for staying lasts on my skin : 11 one of those people where a scent won't last...and its been an expensive and frustrating hobby...i give this 10/10 for description , it Resembles (Jean Patou "Joy" )mixed with (Gueralin "Mitsouko" ) with some insence added....very individual and most unusual...probably the strongest EDP on the current for the price , worth every cent.... its exceptional quality is justification alone ...
By   - shipping clerk from U.K. on 1/19/2009
I take it back...I own the eau de parfum.
By   - Colorist from NYC on 1/17/2009
I've owned a bottle of this for 10 years, excellent scent for special occasions ONLY. very concentrated, and opulent. LOVE the new bottle.
By   - Colorist from New York on 1/17/2009
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