Gold Woman

Eau de Parfum

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100ml $340
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I was very fortunate to buy a two ounce bottle of the original version of this fragrance, actually made in Oman. I have to agree with another reviewer that what is sold in London/US is much lighter and lacks richness. I used to wear Lanvin’s My Sin and this was reccommended as a replacement. Gorgeous beyond all expectation! Deeply luscious and devastatingly female. I get rave reviews wearing this. Not to be taken lightly, this perfume is a declaration of intent! That said, application amount is the key to where and when it can be worn, so always and everywhere if you choose.
By   - Artist from Sonoma on 12/13/2018
Received this as a gift and it is truly exquisite. Amouage is not just a label, which is refreshing in this era. The packaging reflects the quality and personality of the product- luxurious, impeccably crafted, put together with care. While not an everyday fragrance, it's best saved for special occasions or for when you want to feel like a goddess. Be prepared for compliments... *As someone who is often prone to perfume headaches, I've had no issues thus far. **Fan of Chanel fragrances No. 5, No. 22 and Coco as well as Guerlain's Shalimar and Serge Lutens A La Nuit. So if you are a fan of at least some of those you may very well love this one too.
By   - Massage Therapist  from NOLA on 1/14/2017
This truly is a masterpiece; in the way that Chanel No. 5 used to be. Elegant, refined, sophisticated with both depth and softness, and something you can't quite define. It's what a woman should smell like.
By   - ORM Specialist from Chippewa Falls on 8/15/2016
A masterpiece. The composition is blended so skilfully that the essences are difficult to distinguish individually, but they unquestionably constitute one unspeakably beautiful perfume. I would not relegate this to only formal occasions - I believe it can be worn even in the office if used sparingly. It is such a gorgeous fragrance, one of the most beautiful I have ever encountered.
By   - Attorney from New York on 6/18/2016
Unfortunately, I am one of the poor souls on whom this smells like straight up hotel soap. No dimensions, no change in the dry down, just soap.
By   - Musician from Milwaukee on 5/17/2016
I am pretty sure this was made solely to transport the soul of the Sultan of Oman after he leaves his earthly body, like DMT for black-gold gazillionaires. This sh*t blasts open with some pimp-hand powderiness and immediately a flowers-and-resin smash makes everything super confusing for the insular cortex, the same little fold that connects scent with imagery and goes haywire during alleged astral projection. Intoxicating and ripe. Spray with caution.
By   - Baller from Miami on 1/23/2016
I am the Anon fro CA who posted in 2013 about Gold Woman. Just received my 2nd bottle. This bottle is Made in UK - says so on the box at the bottom where ingredients are listed. Gone is the note inside under the bottle saying " this was hand packed by.... AND - the perfume smells different - lighter ,less of everything in it to me. Still very beutiful but where I needed 2 sprays before now I require 5. These EU regulations will kill fine perfume . Still love it but 4 stars now. Quality is reduced sad to say .
By  on 7/24/2014
Very elegant, bright but calm, for an adult woman, excellent quality, smells expensive and beautiful but not for me. It is missing something for my taste, nothing too special, I will pass on this one
By   - from Fort Myers on 12/14/2013
it's good. it's a hands down top quality perfume. i don't see an old lady in this but maybe someone with classic, expensive taste. it is not seductive, so no, i will not buy the bottle. it's like one of those well made things, might not be your style but you keep looking at it because of the craftsmanship...and so I, kept sniffing my wrist, so good it is.
By   - administrative from san francisco bay area on 10/24/2013
The end is here. Amouage Gold Woman is *the* perfect scent. It is a bit of Jubilation 25 minus the chypre factor and the gloriousness that Chanel No 5 has been in the past and is no longer. This fragrance sings . Don't believe the negative reviews. Gold Woman is simply the best.
By   - from CA on 4/25/2013
Another Amouage that has suffered from reformulation.... Can't even smell a trace of the frankincense any more, it just smells like expensive soap now.
By  on 12/1/2012
Very pretty in that old fashioned floral way - no - its not "old lady"! but ... I do agree with one reviewer - that there are many perfumes that are cheaper and just as nice .
By   - from Australia on 11/25/2012
Amouage Gold just does not like me. I put it on and it's a wonderful heady floral, but with this awful undercurrent odor of, well, freshly peed bed sheets and sweaty socks! It's really rancid and nasty - never smelled anything like it in a perfume. Perhaps on some this undercurrent turns into a sexy, sensual, leather-ish or animal-ish scent? If so than that would that would be amazing in a heady floral, and if you think your body chemistry and Gold would play nice together, try it!
By  on 7/7/2012
I bought the sample and I believe that was over priced for a perfume that is similar to many on the department store floor. Nothing really different or special about this one and for the can find better for cheaper! The scent is heavy so wear it on a cold night out.
By   - Entertainer from San Diego/Los Angeles on 11/23/2011
MMmmm~ Scrumptious!! Sophisticated, feminine, sensual. I would wear this on very special occasions or not ~:) _10/2/11
By   - therapist from NYC on 10/2/2011
Reminds me of the beautiful fragrance oils my mother brought back from the Holy City when she went for Hajj several years back. Amouage Gold lives up to its name and tradition. Very femme, but not girly. Very sophisticated, but not so old women in their early 20s cannot wear it. 5 stars.
By  on 3/8/2011
although i can certainly smell the quality in this, i cannot see myself wearing this scent for another 20 years or more (being in my early twenties). yes, slightly "old lady", but certainly a very classic and elegant scent.
By   - from chicago on 12/16/2010
this line seems to be very polarizing. i have great respect for the perfumes of years passed; i wear 50+ year old perfumes all the time. But this doesn't smell "old lady", this smells musty, dusty, crotchety, sad. nope.
By   - chef from nyc on 10/5/2010
Exquisite and timeless, unapologetically feminine, this is one of the very best fragrances I own. Be advised: a little goes a long way. I also own vintage Arpège parfum and do not find it so very similar to Amouage Gold; personally I prefer Gold.
By   - from Wallingford, CT on 9/29/2010
Another masterpiece by Guy Robert, classic, luxurious and breathtakingly beautiful. Eat your heart out Hermes!
By   - from UK on 3/30/2010
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