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Liquid Hand Soap

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I LOVE this soap. The bottles, from a design point of view, are really fantastic. If you love nice typography and clean design, these are bathroom essentials. I will attest to the fact that the soap is very thin and does shoot out if pushed too vigorously, similar in viscosity to Dr. Bronner's castile soap, probably because they are made from oils, which I'm sure is better for your skin anyway. If you just apply appropriate pressure I'm sure you'll be fine. And the scents are very natural smelling, not like the overly-sweet-artificial-smelling scents you get from the drug store. The lavender actually smells like lavender, the rose like rose, not like something called "rose" that actually somehow smells like candy or like some bizarre Yankee-Candle-interpretation of that scent.
By   - Creative Professional  from New York on 8/3/2011
The aroma from these soaps is something to indulge in, even the smallest drop will leave you with a beautiful rich scent for hours. Could be a better for skin and i must agree with the comment about the liquidity. Still buy it, whats one more wonderful smelling soap.
By   - Student/Journalist from Dublin on 8/4/2008
I think there are better liquid soaps out there. I love these bottles, but the pump dispenses in a way that the soap "shoots" out rather violently. Also, the soap is too watery. If they put in less water, it would probably fix the dispensing issue.
By   - Sales on 5/16/2008
I love these soaps! Have tried Figue, Olive & Lavande, Cerise and Pamplemousse and they are all beautifully scented and lather well.
By   - from San Diego on 9/14/2007
I can only attest to Figue, the CDP soap I prefer, but if its richness of scent and lather is any indication, all versions are worth owning - the quality is outstanding, and a little goes a long, long way. Enjoy.
By   - Writer from Cape Cod on 9/13/2007
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