Acqua Viva Body Cream

Scented Body Cream

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This lotion is the SAME scent as the matching perfume. Where some lotions “resemble” the mother perfume - this one is spot on. Your skin won’t feel sticky and the moisture actually hangs around. I use perfumed lotions more like I would an oil perfume. I apply it to my pulse points and maybe will add some behind my neck and on my arms. The scent hung around for me and I really have enjoyed this purchase. Will need to purchase a 2nd bottle of this as a backup soon. The scent itself is bright and happy. Uplifting, natural lemon. Not a lemonade scent (which I would adore actually), but more the lemon leaves crushed into your hands with a squirt of the natural lemon juice on top. Tart but, mellow at the same time.
By   - Homemaker from Phila on 8/24/2018
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