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Essential 13 Sample Pack - Feminine
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Nice assortment of highly-rated feminine niche fragrances. I have been wanting to sample a few of these fragrances for a while (namely Baccarat Rouge and the Byredo and A Lab on Fire), but I figured a curated pack would have some stunners that I had not heard of, or at least been interested in, previously. The biggest surprise was that my favorite scent so far is Love & Crime, which never would have gotten my attention before based on the notes. Sadly, I was disappointed in What we do in Paris is secret (powder bomb), and absolutely repulsed by Loukhoum and V Erba Pura. There are still two I haven't tried, but I solidly enjoyed eight of the samples and expect to use them up, so I consider this pack a pretty good deal.
By   - Dietitian from Indianapolis on 4/27/2020
Ordered essential 13 pack - feminine. Put of promised 13 scents, did not receive the following: Melodie del l'Amour Love & Crime Paper Soap Baccrat Rouge 540 Fleur's d'Orange I specifically purchases this pack for my girlfriend because of two fragrances (among others) she ended up not receiving. Very disappointed even though instead of listed above they sent other perfumes. I love the ability to try excellent quality fragrance before purchase. And I appreciate the effort to fill the order quickly, however, given the choice, I would have rather waited than received something else. Those aren't complementary samples to play with.
By   - Transportation from Portland on 2/29/2020
This selection is fantastic. These are some of the best feminine leaning perfumes available from LuckyScent. Great scents for the beginner in niche perfumes or for the seasoned niche addict (that would be me). Highly recommended.
By   - Lawyer from Tallahassee, FL on 2/11/2020
Love it so much. Amazing perfumes!
By   - Student from St Louis on 12/2/2016
I'm 24 and I'd only tried department store perfumes until recently. A few weeks ago I sampled Annick Goutal Songes and it was like finding religion; in my D&G and Marc Jacobs I'd had no idea what I was missing! I ordered this pack to explore luxury/niche and I'm in heaven. Right now I'm wearing different scents on each wrist and in each elbow (sorry, world) because I can't wait 13 days to try everything. A variety of notes and styles to play with, perfect for the new and enthused :)
By   - Intern from Portland on 4/26/2016
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