Lys Noir

Eau de Parfum

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Super buttery, warm floral that definitely has an old money Grande Dame vibe. I get loads of white flowers and woods after the brief hit of black pepper, then later the dry down is still very warm and slightly funky (must be the tuberose). I don’t feel woman enough to pull it off tbh, it’s heady stuff, but I’m definitely holding on to my decant for when I’m feeling opulent
By   - editor  from Washington DC on 12/11/2020
I don't write reviews for perfumes because of such wide variations in taste, etc. But Lys Noir is the exception. I purchased a sample and I was really hopeful based on the description. Two days later I am still smelling it on my watchband, my jacket and my headache is finally subsiding! This is a heavy Fracas wanna-be fragrance without the complexity, refinement or smoothness. I smell nothing milky. It just sat on my skin going nowhere. Now, how do I get the smell off my watchband??!!
By   - marketing from Dallas on 12/20/2015
Absolutely gorgeous. I'm a lily collector, and this one is emerging as my favorite (sorry Tom Ford). The addition of narcissus is the secret ingredient that puts this into its own class. Perfectly moderated sweetness and lightly spicy - masterful blending. The only downside is that it lacks staying power. Otherwise, its near perfection.
By   - writer from los angeles on 5/12/2015
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