Eau de Parfum

by FRANK los angeles

FRANK No. 3 Sizes Available:
100ml $130
0.7ml sample $4
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Here's what other people are saying about FRANK No. 3...
It's a strong scent yet has a bit too much apple for me. In conclusion, if you like a fruity apple, this is for you.
By   - Life Coach from Minneapolis on 6/11/2019
One of my two favorites from the last round of samples. This one has lots of layers. It's a stronger scent so be careful how much you put on. It is a good combo of tobacco, leather, and floral.
By   - Environmental Scientist from Henderson on 12/31/2018
It's okay
By   - Paper Pusher from Sacramento on 10/3/2017
This has been my signature scent since its first incarnation, Costamor's Tabacca. I keep trying samples of other tobacco-based scents, but I always come back to this one. It's warm and complex without being overpowering, truly unisex with a great balance of sweet and spice (but not in a gourmand way at all) -- and my shirts never completely lose the scent, even after laundering. This is a real keeper, I'm so glad it got a second life!
By   - creative from Philadelphia on 5/16/2017
Even though the main notes are listed as apple and tobacco, I barely get any tobacco. In fact, I get more of a spicy, powdery floral note with the apple. This is a very well-balanced sweet fragrance, but I only detect a slight amount of tobacco, despite what is listed here and what others say elsewhere. When I read that a fragrance is billed as a rich tobacco scent, I expect to smell a deep cigar-like tobacco, and FRANK No. 3 doesn't fit my expectations on that front. It is, however, a delectably soft and sugary spicy apple, with a flair of dusty floral - in the best way possible. Just a little too light on the tobacco and a bit heavy on the powder for me, as it leans more feminine for my liking. Would make a great scent for a boho chick.
By   - Writer from CA on 11/25/2016
Signature scent worthy. The delicious spiced apple opening lingers for a few hours before it dries down to an intoxicating tobacco scent, with hints of apple, rose tea, and amber. I'm not sure what the rare woods are but my nose isn't detecting any woods. I received a few compliments on my first wearing if that means anything to you.
By   - Musician from Pensacola on 10/18/2016
Supposedly Costamor rereleased her Tabacca formula as Frank No. 3. If this is truly the same formula (I'm ordering a sample ASAP), then it is delicious. As child of the South, as someone who grew up near tobacco fields, this perfume really hits a chord. It does have an umistakable tobacco note, there's no question. But it's more than that. To me it evokes the plumpest, most succulent tobacco leaf you can imagine, as the hot summer sun quickly burns the morning dew off. It reminds me of the tobacco my stepdad would occasionally stuff into a pipe, the smell of which was sweet and round as he pinched it out of its packet. Or the tobacco my grandfather would chew after breaking a hunk off of the tarry square with his pocketknife.
By   - grad student/mom extraordinaire  from New Haven on 9/30/2016
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