Mariage Freres

Pleine Lune

Black Tea - Loose Leaf

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This tea is my absolute FAVORITE tea. I am really picky when it comes to tea and I don't care for most, but Pleine Lune is incredible. It is a great dessert tea, especially when a little cane sugar and milk is added. After moving back stateside from England, I looked everywhere for this tea. I found Lucky Scent and order from them several times a month now. I love them!
By   - Administrator from Augusta, ME on 3/20/2018
This tea is, IMO, the very best tea on earth! Just smelling the leaves puts me in absolute heaven. Add some freshly baked scones, and you'll be transported to another time and place. Makes an incredible gift, too!
By   - Actress/Photographer from Los Angeles, CA on 11/17/2016
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