Geisha Hana-Cha Eau de Parfum

Eau de Parfum

by Aroma M

Geisha Hana-Cha Eau de Parfum Sizes Available:
1.7 oz. $95 $30
0.7ml sample $3
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Ooh, not sure about this one. I love the smell of jasmine usually, and it could just be on my skin that it doesn''t smell right, but this scent has a chemical whiff about it that''s quite unpleasant on the nostrils. Certainly unusual and on someone else might be just the ticket, but not for me.
By   - Businesswoman from Oxford. UK on 1/22/2016
The sample I received also smelled like bug spray, as others have posted - so much so that I am thinking the batch which is being used to fill the sample vials must be contaminated or must have gotten overheated or something. Really hard to believe it is supposed to smell like nail polish remover. Rats. I like other other Geisha scents I have tried and had high hopes for this one...
By   - Paralegal from Orange County, CA on 9/7/2011
Sadly, this never dried down to something (anything) recognizable and enjoyable on my skin. In the vial it smelled strange. On my skin, immediately after application, it smelled strange. And ten minutes after applying it still smelled strange. Strange = chemical “bug spray”.I was disappointed as this – based on all the reviews – intrigued me and I thought I might be discovering something novel that develops on the skin from something odd to something wonderful. No. My particular body chemistry must remain an outsider, as this composition – notice my intentional omission of the words “fragrance” or “scent” – is something, I gather, that can only be appreciated and worn by a precious few. What’s interesting to me is this – and there seems to be a good bit of truth to this: if it smells good *to* you it will smell good *on* you. Very interesting.I couldn’t even smell the tea scent that’s supposed to be the main inspiration, much less any fruits or flowers trying to be detected. The scent (to my nose) is just bitter, bitter and more bitter. Just strange! I would love to smell this on someone with the body chemistry to bring out its intended potential. Not everyone can be a koala bear…unless they’re a koala bear! Not just anyone can wear this and bring it to life but if you can, that’s kinda cool!
By   - from Pasadena, CA on 3/26/2009
This is unlike anything else. I didn''t not like it, so glad I only paid for a sample vial. Strange scent all the way to the end.. Bug Spray resembelance on my skin..
By   - Elder Services Specialist from Lawrence Vegas on 11/23/2008
Simple and lovely. Worth the whole bottle. Every last drop is pure and simple, but clean and sexy.
By   - Vet Assistant/Receptionist from New Cumberland, Pa on 6/22/2008
I really like this scent, it smells great, for a minute. Much to my dismay, it has no staying power on me whatsoever.
By   - from Sisters on 10/23/2007
When I first put this on, I got a sharp spiciness from the bergamot and couldn''t really detect jasmine at all. Now that it''s warmed up a bit, there''s a note of slightly bitter jasmine tea. This is a ''cool'' fragrance, almost smells a little like soap, sharply fresh. This is going to sound strange, but on me, this smells like the very top beginning note of Bath & Body Works'' Sun-Ripened Raspberry - not any of the sweetness, just the greenish zing right on top of the raspberry. (If you wore that stuff all through middle school too, then you know what I''m talking about!) It''s very clean, just not for me, I prefer a little more sweetness or warmth. This is just spicy bergamot and jasmine, would make a great spring scent on someone else, just not for me.
By   - Biotech from Providence, Rhode Island on 1/30/2007
On me, this smells absolutely identical to unsweetened jasmine green tea. It has the slight bitterness of damp green tea leaves, and a very faint jasmine sweet floral note. It''s so authentic-smelling, it''s like I soaked in a tea bath for hours. I like it - it''s very unique and evokes the 1960s for me.
By   - Non-Profit Assistant from Atlanta, GA on 9/14/2006
aargh! also bought it untried, made me sick and gave me a headache.however, my sous chef, an aggressive lipstick lesbian, loved it, so who am i to complain?! just weird with my chemistry,
By   - chef from tel-aviv on 6/26/2006
Smells nothing like jasmine tea it''s just a weak, forgettable floral.
By   - student from new york city on 2/23/2005
Such an intense beautiful combo scent of the best of Asian exerpeince in a scent.
By   - Ciaims Examiner from New Cumberland on 1/28/2005
Someone sent me a sample of this, and at first my reaction was "pretty!" Then it was "oh, shap!" Then I got a headache. It might be okay if you''re the kind of girl who likes to wear pink sundresses and who spends a lot of time outside, but this is too cloying for inside, and it gets old quickly. But I liked it at first.
By   - History and Political Science Major from Chapel Hill on 1/27/2005
What a strange scent, it really did not mix well with my body chemistry.
By  on 2/4/2004
At 1st: sweet, and sharp. Then dries down warmer not delicious, but interesting and nice.
By  on 6/23/2003
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