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Opium with training wheels and a lollipop for when you go to the ER after falling off your bike. Since I'm an inexperienced bike rider, this one is great for me. I don't really get cinnamon but I do get loads of sweet clove which paired with the tobacco create a cooling minty effect, like an icy-cold patch but nice! I agree with the reviewer that mentioned the burning sensation when first applied, it stings and I'm not on acne medication but I have sensitive skin. This one works for me in winter only, the dry heat of summer turns it into olive oil, go figure :(
By   - Court Interpreter from West Hills on 1/5/2013
Everyone is commenting on the cinnamon, but that doesn't stand out for me - the strongest element when used on my skin is the star anise. I don't like licorice scents normally but it actually seems to blend in quite nicely and created a gentle, but long-lasting warm presence.
By   - Programmer from Perth on 8/18/2010
This was a big surprise to me. I got it on Ebay for like $5 because it had some notes that I liked and I figured for that price why not? WOW!! It is really, really nice. I put just a little on the crook of my arm and honestly forgot all about it. I went on about my day, got dressed, sprayed on other perfume and went out. I kept getting this wonderful smell and thought it must have been another facet of the CdG perfume I was wearing then I finally realized it was this. It has INCREDIBLE sillage. Seriously a little bit will last and last. Im in love!!! And it layers great with other perfumes-for example the one I had on (CdG Daphne)
By  on 1/9/2010
I have been wearing this for years, and it is nothing like cinnamon gum! It is a rich, complex fragrance that is sweet without being cloying, and spicy in a delicious way that stops just short of being foodie. Wear it on an elevator and strangers will ask who is wearing that incredible scent! The ultimate date perfume, small enough (roll-on applicator) to slip into a bag or pocket--but you wont need to touch it up until the next morning! The best of Aroma-M, by far.
By   - College Professor from from PA on 6/5/2009
Rancidity on my skin - yuck!
By   - medical professional from Alameda, CA on 5/31/2009
I liked this but not enough to buy. It does smell like cinnamon gum but in a classy way! At first I smelled strong clove, but then it dried down to a nice cinnamon smell. I did not think it smelled like potporri. But, it totally set my neck on fire! I think it's because i use strong acne medication on my face and neck, because my wrists were fine. I tried to rub it off but it made it worse! but It really was a nice smell.
By   - stay home mommy from dewey, ok on 9/25/2008
The opening on this is truly offensive! Very, very strong; smells almost like cough syrup. The dry down is a little better if you can tolerate the bitter, strong beginning.
By   - from Dothan on 9/16/2008
I love this spicy cinnamin juicy hot fragrance. For some peoples skin, it tingles a bit when first applied, and that goes away quickly, but not the scent. It is very nice. A day or evening scent, and just sexy sweet.
By   - Vet Assistant/Receptionist  from New Cumberland, Pa on 6/22/2008
You know, I totally thought I would run from this one. I have actually never smelled this on myself but I convinced my friend to try it (I tried the blue - ugh) and it was really fun and sexy on her. The spiciness is actually very well balanced - yes, it's sweet, yes, it does smell like cinnamon. But there's something about it...that's awesome. It just smells delicious.
By  on 10/26/2007
Great cinnamon scent for a CANDLE but not for a perfume.
By   - from L.N., CA on 10/13/2007
This perfume reminds me of baking Holiday cookies, and spilling the jar of ground cloves all over myself.
By   - Admin from Sisters on 10/10/2007
The cinnamon overpowers all!
By   - Teacher from Denver on 8/22/2007
I expected to love this but it was awful on me - medicinal and cloying. I actually tried to wash it off. (I suspect this is one of those fragrances that only combines well with some body chemistries.)
By   - Program Associate from Atlanta on 6/3/2007
This one smells dreadful for five full minutes on me, then dries down to a soft, spicy sort of cinnamon fragrance. The end result is very pleasing, but not enough, I'm afraid, to wait through the public-restroom overtones of the opening. The opening is truly repulsive, but the wait might be worth it to some to reach that spicy warm place.
By   - from Chesapeake on 5/2/2007
WHOA!! This is some hot, sexy juice! I picked up more of the vanilla, clove, and tobacco on me than cinnamon. Definitely not a daytime fragrance -- save it for when you intend to seduce. It's very strong, so just a couple of well-placed drops are all you need.
By   - from Arlington, VA on 1/21/2007
This one is disgusting. It smells like a combination of cinnamon gum and rotten Pledge furniture polish. Luckily, it was just sent to me as a complimentary sample. Thanks, but no thanks.
By   - Attorney from New Haven, CT on 1/16/2007
I loved this at first. It's a very spicy scent with staying power . However there's a very sharp note in this that gave me a massive headache. I think Geisha Noire is much better.
By   - from ny on 12/19/2006
I found it way too spicy for me. It smells like hot breathes of cinnamon gum being blown on you. Not very complex either.
By   - from IN on 10/25/2006
i didnt get this at first. i only smelled cinnamon but then... clove, tonka bean and vanilla. so lovely and bold. definitely sexy. definitely daring. well suited for a provocateur.
By   - painter from minneapolis on 10/16/2006
Wow! This scent is fabulous. I get a lot of tobacco and ginger and it works really well with my chemistry. I find that the scent lasts for hours and gets more delicious as it dries down. Not for the faint of heart. It's flirty, spicy and unpredictable. I'm definitely getting the roll on. Thanks for the free sample Lucky Scents!
By   - Broker from Brooklyn on 8/9/2006
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