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Geisha O-Cha Eau de Parfum
Geisha O-Cha Eau de Parfum Sizes Available:
1.7 oz $110
0.7ml sample $3
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Here's what other people are saying about Geisha O-Cha Eau de Parfum...
This is wonderful. I love all 3 of the paper spray bottles in this Geisha Collection. They truly remind you of Asian living. This is spicy, sexy, and simply unique. I love that!
By   - Vet Assistant/Receptionist from New Cumberland, Pa on 6/22/2008
Interesting that most of the reviews of this fragrance were good. Chalk it up to body chemistry I guess. Upon first application, this smelled like a VERY strong chemical on my skin. After dry down, I got a hint of the tea, but it did not make much of an impression on me otherwise.
By   - Attorney  from Washington, DC on 5/30/2008
This is one of my faves. It lasts all day on my skin (and I apply lightly because I find it can be overpowering if I spray too much). It's refreshing, sparkly and yet unobtrusive. Puts me in a good mood.
By   - teacher from California on 11/27/2007
I love this scent, but I am one of those who loves clary sage. If you're not a fan, then you won't care for this. If you are, then give it a try. It truly smells like tea, one of the greenest green scents I've every come across. Good lasting power (at least five hours on me) and doesn't get wimpy on the drydown.
By   - from Michigan on 8/8/2007
I am in love with this scent! I ran out of it and hadn't bought anymore, but a woman walked past me the other day and I swear she was wearing it and I felt the pull to buy another bottle. It smells very clean and fresh, light, very much like green tea. My only complaint is that on me, it didn't last long at all. Other than that, this is a wonderful perfume- doesn't smell artificial at all, very natural and high quality scent.
By   - Yoga instructor from Seattle on 6/14/2007
This *is* a true green tea scent -- it's not flowery, and it's not fruity after the orange wears off. It was too green for me though, especially with the clary sage. About an hour after I put it on, I smelled like I had been rolling around in my lawn or something. It was very grassy, which is an okay scent, but I prefer something softer.
By   - from Arlington, VA on 1/21/2007
I love this one. It's calming and uplifting, the perfect tea fragrance. It's a bit sweet and yet tart at the same time, and there's an underlying warmth to the drydown. It lingers for hours in a very subtle way. I've found my perfect warm-weather scent!
By   - Teacher from California on 11/20/2006
well. i tried to like this one, i really did. especially since i bought a bottle untested (do not do this with any scent unless you like to throw away money) but, it dries down to what i can only describe as a cheap, forgettable, waste of time. the "hana cha" is far superior.
By   - chef from tel-aviv on 6/30/2006
I don't get this one. My daughter took one whiff and said "chicken salad," and I thought, that's it!
By  on 6/19/2006
This is the ultimate green tea scent. Its a little tart and long lasting., yet the essence of green tea is always apparant.
By   - beauty exec from NYC on 3/23/2006
This is the ultimate green tea scent. Its a little tart and long lasting., yet the essence of green tea is always apparant.
By   - beauty exec from NYC on 3/23/2006
This is a wonderful springy scent.The sage compliments the green tea nicely,giving it a slight floral scent with a lush green appeal.I am hooked on Aroma M's full line of scents.
By   - Claims Examiner from New Cumberland on 1/28/2005
Someone sent me a sample of this (it's not the kind of thing I would normally order), and it is a very nice green tea scent. Calming, nice, unoffensive, and easy to wear. It warms well on the skin, and it has a nice sweet tang in its middle stage. But honestly, this scent was just... blah. Boring. It has no oomph. Which is something I need in a perfume. But if you like tea scents, definitely give this a try.
By   - History and Political Science Major from Chapel Hill on 1/27/2005
If you like Bulgari's Thé Vert, you'll love this! It's a sweeter version. This and Creative Universe's Té are the best, truest green-tea fragrances I've come across. Té is warmer, more milky and comforting, while this is light and sparkling: the perfect everyday scent for summer.
By   - Journalist from Manila on 7/23/2004
Never tried a "green tea" scent before this. Not herbal or green smelling; smelled like a fresh green herbs to me. Husband thought it smelled fruity. Sorry, not a fan.
By   - from Westchester NY on 11/28/2003
Received the sample today. The initial application worried me since all I could smell was alcohol. But then, it quickly turned into a real green tea scent. It's different - very soft and refreshing. If you're looking for an authentic green tea scent, you've found it here!
By   - from San Francisco on 8/28/2003
Beautiful! Light, clean, and refreshing at first; then more of a tea scent with the dry down (that's a good thing for me).
By  on 6/23/2003
It is a true and beautiful, soft tea fragrance, with a hint of orange blossom that really lasts all day. If you like this, you may also like the Green Tea fragrance from L'Occitane, which is very true - with an undertone of citrus, or Gieffeffe, by Gianfranco Ferre, which is subtle and lasting and wonderful for summer wear.
By   - from New York NY on 6/16/2003
I second that! Also, you should try Te by Creative Universe...a little stronger and more spicy. Both wonderful and rare--you won't find anything as unique as these!
By   - from Manhattan on 5/25/2003
One of the best tea fragrances...great for those who are on the fence about "tea". This one isn't overpowering, but lovely and warm. Highly recommend!
By   - from Aspen, Co. on 5/25/2003
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