Henri Giboulet

Country: France

Perfumer Henri Giboulet is best known, perhaps, for his creation of Gin Fizz for Lubin. However, upon the retirement of Henri Alméras, Henri Giboulet was invited to become in-house perfumer for Jean Patou. This was a period of struggle for the House of Patou. Whereas the war had brought prosperity to America, lifting it out of the Depression, the German Occupation, coming on the heels of the Depression, had brought the fashion business in France to a near standstill. Moreover, Jean Patou — the spiritual and creative force behind the business — had been dead since 1935.

Giboulet''s efforts helped keep the family-owned business alive. His most prominent contributions were Eau de Joy, his 1955 reformulation of Patou's classic Joy, and Câline.

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