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Palisander  Eau de Toilette by  Comme des Garcons Series 2: Red

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The Scoop
An enigma wrapped in wood and spice from all corners of the globe, Palisander is derived from the red wood of the palisander tree of Brazil (also called Brazilian rosewood) and the mighty red cedar from Virginia. The feel of Palisander is a soft, old, polished wood with the patina of age-no sharp notes of fresh wood are present. Saffron, the most precious and costliest spice in the world, wafts in the background, while myrrh sweetens the whole concoction. This is the imagined scent of a wood-filled room still holding the traces of fragrant myrrh incense from a century ago. Utterly intoxicating and deep.
Palisander Notes
Brazilian palisander wood, Virginian red cedar, Japanese red chili peppers, saffron from Iran, myrrh from south Yemen
Yann Vasnier2001France
Palisander - 100ml
  $115 100ml
Curious about this fragrance?
  $3 .7 ml
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I work on instruments made of Brazilian rosewood and cedar. This smelled nothing like them, alas. The opening was tangy and spicy and limey. No wordiness that I could notice. Then it settled down to bathroom deodorizer, or perhaps a car air freshener hanging from your mirror. Finally, three hours of toilet bowl cleaner. I threw this away.
By Ed on 12/8/2014
Oh dear. This hit my skin with a great blast of cedar and lime... very bracing and quite delightful. This lasted for about a minute. The drydown went very quickly to an odd mix of Nag Champra incense and plastic modeling clay like you get at the craft store (if you played with this stuff as a kid, you know exactly the aroma I'm referring to). Thankfully, all traces of the scent were gone in under an hour.
By Kenneth - from Providence on 11/8/2014
The opening of this smells a litlle strange, but if you let it sit on your skin for a bit, it smells wonderful. very beautiful and woody.
By Anonymous - Student from Chicago on 5/31/2013
On me, this is the best of Series 2. It has some incense notes, and the cedar isn't too strong. It's sweet and slightly smokey. I've gotten complements that I smell good when I wear it. What more do you need.
By Anthony - from Washington, DC on 8/22/2011
I just wore this to a packed, sweaty, standing only, testosterone-filled concert in an indoor venue. I had people telling me all night long how good I smelled. That's the only testimony I need.
By jade - teacher from New York on 6/18/2011
I purchased a bottle after buying a sample and this sits on my shelf, unused, because it is far to strong for me when sprayed (I think dabbing a little bit from the sample causes me to underestimate the fragrance's potency). Anyway, this is not for the faint of heart and I am faint of heart. Would be fine on a man.
By Nancy - medical technician from Springfield, MO on 10/19/2010
I guess I could concur that it's perhaps a bit masculine, but women could certainly wear this also. Dry and woody, a little smoky and just the slightest bit sweet.
By J - Artist from NYC on 6/17/2009
I actually have to agree with with those who have identified this as more on the masculine side. I originally bought this for myself (I am a woman), but was surprised upon wearing it to discover that I smelled strikingly like a guy I once dated. Yikes. I immediately gave it to my husband, and he is now in the process of wearing it regularly and imbuing this lovely scent with newer, fonder associations for me! So, ultimately this gets 4 stars for being an excellent scent for a man (though I would give it about a -3 as a scent for myself!).
By J - professor from NY on 2/5/2009
I simply can't believe someone would think of this as a solely masculine scent ... unisex, certainly, but not masculine. It is warm, dry, and woody, yet ever-so-slightly sweet. Beautiful.
By Anonymous - teacher from Syracuse, NY on 11/8/2008
I would say this is definitely more masculine. On me, it smells woodsy and sharp. I don't like it at all, and don't really think I would even like my husband to wear it. I wish it would hurry up and fade off my skin! :-(
By Anonymous - RD from San Diego on 10/13/2008
Smells like the woods and my guitar case too. I've never smelled anything like this in a cologne. It's a bit pricy but you get a lot of it.
By jessie - cyclist from salt lake city on 8/13/2008
I received a Wonderful compliment from my boyfriend the other night...i cant wait to buy a full bottle!
By Dana - Research from nyc on 5/3/2008
This smells like mens cologne.
By perfume girl - from NYC on 3/6/2008
Love it!
By Jay - from Sydney on 10/28/2007
Very complex, balanced somewhere between heavy/woodsy and soapy/childlike/Johnson's Baby Oil. J'adore.
By Catherine - student from Krakow on 9/1/2007
A very interesting dry woody incense fragrance with a really dry spice undercurrant. Sort of like slow cooking saffron rice is in the next room?? It has an old world aura about it - om shanti, om shanti. . . One of my favorites - very esoteric and not for everyday.
By Anonymous - Artist from Oklahoma City on 2/22/2007
Its a pleasant scent, though I do agree with those who detected a strange note right at the end. I smell it too and its an almost jagged misplaced note. Palisander is a very "dry" smelling wood and I frequently reapplied as I thought it felt stale. My fave thing about this one is an undercurrent that reminds me of babypowder. 3.5
By Mim - from Boston on 2/21/2007
I'm a woman. I like wearing this scent. It smells like the inside of my Yamaha acoustic guitar and my cedar jewelry box.
By Jill - from Virginia on 12/13/2006
delicious, alluring... yes this is a standout in the cdg line if all 37 or whatever it is of the cdg frags were monkeys typing on typewriters palisander is the shakespeare play that came out of it. . . really special!
By Anonymous - filmmaker from la on 11/2/2006
Mmm, a warm comforting spicy wood scent. Very red, yes. It's quite a bit like a smoother, sweeter version of Les Nereides: Oriental Lumpur actually.
By Anonymous on 6/14/2006
By JK - from LA on 6/6/2006
A wood/incense fragrance, done to perfection. Nothing harsh about it, very smooth and rounded. The myrrh gives a slight sweetness. This is one of my top 3 fragrances. Unisex but leans more towards masculine IMO.
By DJB - from NJ Shore on 6/1/2006
if you're a fan of woody scents you'll be in heaven.don't be fooled this is a dark and deep perfume.just because i want alittle light in my perfumes i give it 3
By stella - from athens greece on 3/20/2006
i love this mixed with Rose by Comme des Garçons Series 2: Red!!
By misha - from las vegas on 3/15/2006
I fell in love this at first whiff. I wear it mainly in cold weather, but I had'nt been wearing lately. I had a co-worker tell me that it smelled like Bon-Ami cleanser. I got self-conscious about it and now I don't wear it at work anymore. I find Palisander to be a bit dark, which is what I like in a fragrance. It's spicy, woody and clean, but dark. It smells "red" but more of a dark, moody shade of red compared to Harissa, which is a very bright, seering hot red.
By Steve - dendrician from Rock hill on 3/7/2006
Funny thing is, I work with a lot of Palisander, so I was intrigued when I first spotted this fragrance. All I get from it on my skin is wood, wood, and more WOOD! I wood (ha ha) definitely put this in the masculine category, even though CDG HATES to pigeonhole! Here's the thing, though: if you go into Scent Bar, all of the Series 2, and the Incense Series are located in the MEN'S 'section', but, so is CDG 2, which I could've SWORN was a woman's fragrance...
By Anonymous on 2/24/2006
It smells great on a man.
By Michelle - artist from Dallas on 2/8/2006
Of all the CdG samples that I bought, this one is the one that I was looking forward to trying, and it is absolutely my favorite one! It is on my Christmas list, for sure.
By Terri - from Stillwater, Oklahoma on 7/17/2005
This scent is so sexy. It smells incredible. It is incensy, but not so heavy that it overpowers everything. It is like the most perfect background music. It is delicious and very alluring.
By Anonymous - from Miami Beach on 2/22/2005
Addictive !
By Yann Vasnier - perfumer from New York on 1/13/2005
I received a sample of this and I must have it!!!
By Tamara - from Austin Texas on 11/16/2004
I love saffron and cedar mixed together! So different and unusual. This scent reminds me of a fresher, cleaner Black Cashmere. It has the topnotes that I like so much with Black Cashmere and leaves the heavy vanilla basenotes behind. I highly recommend this for people who love woody, incense-y scents. I'm sure men would love this, too.
By Anonymous on 7/27/2004
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