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Odalisque  Eau de Parfum by  PARFUMS DE NICOLAI

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The Scoop
The beauty that requires a second look to appreciate, the purring voice with the merest hint of an invitation, the touch that lingers just a second too long -- this is a fragrance of innuendo and discretion. A creamy lily of the valley beckons us into a soft, powdery floral -- sweet and pillowy with a teasing undercurrent of salt and earth. Lovely, unusual and quietly seductive.
Odalisque Notes
lily of the valley, jasmine, iris root
Patricia de Nicolai1989France
Odalisque - 30ml
  $55 30ml
Odalisque - 100ml
  $130 100ml

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  $4 .7 ml
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I adore Odalisque! I've never smelled the original, but this one is simply fantastic, a warm, radiant, but fresh floral. This plus Le Temps de Une Fete are the most perfect green fragrances in the world.
By Jennifer - from South Bend, IN on 2/18/2014
I liked this at first. It does smell nice. It has a light, greenish floral aspect that's familiar. Then it hit me- Giorgio! Now I can't get that scent out of my head. It's just too bombastic. Even though this one is no where near as obnoxious, it's in the same floral group. I just can't go there.
By Paula - Artist from Lincoln, NE on 2/13/2014
I got some great lily of the valley for a few seconds in the opening. Then it disappeared. On my skin it became a boring floral. Nothing stood out, except at the end when I got a hint of jasmine. Longevity is good.
By Anonymous on 12/24/2012
Super sillage and super sexy - very floral . I little bit goes a long way on me.
By Anonymous - from Australia on 11/23/2012
As I smell Odalisque I'm transported to my teenage years, when I was first enamored with a perfume that smelled just like this - but I know it wasn't this - and for the life of me I cannot remember what it was called and who produced it. It was indescribably gorgeous and addictive and I am so happy that I found that scent again, even though in different form and under a different brand name. This is a sensual LOTV perfume, underscored by a dark, seductive base and a green edge that keeps it all interesting. Very French and one of PdN's very best.
By Anonymous - from NYC on 1/17/2012
What l'm smelling is very different from the notes list shown here; l'm guessing the list has changed since the reformulation? l've seen the notes listed elsewhere as bergamot, mandarin, galbanum, jasmine, lotv, tuberose, ylang, patchouli, oakmoss, amber & castoreum. This list makes more sense to me. l get something very dark, green, mossy & animalic; not a "pretty" floral at all. lt sweetens slightly after an hour, but the florals are vegetal; mainly iris & rose. l do not detect any lotv. There's a whiff of damp, smouldering wood before it finally becomes warmer & friendlier in the base. This is a complex & rather retro-style scent; not my style, but it might be yours if you like this kind of thing.
By teardrop - from southampton uk on 9/21/2011
Oh pooh the critics! Rather than lament what "once was," if it ever were thus, indulge in what is today: a lovely. almost oceanic leather chypre. Beautiful femme floral notes in the beginning, but plenty dry for a guy. I bought the bottle. Note: smells better if you apply it with the actuator close to skin...volatilizing too much of the fragrance really changes your impression. Apply correctly and experience the most unusual thing you'll probably wear out.
By Melchior - forest biologist from Athens, GA on 5/5/2011
4/24/11. Just that...OK.. the scent is reminiscent of something from years ago....meaning this combo seems to have been done before.
By Anonymous SD 2 NYC - therapist from NYC on 4/24/2011
It's too true! Odalisque is no longer what it once was and I am brokenhearted.
By Anonymous on 9/28/2010
Be aware that Odalisque has been reformulated, I assume in accordance with new laws in Europe. I purchased a large bottle and I did not recognize the juice. The lily has been replaced by leather; there is no oakmoss or incense. There is nothing left of this once beautiful fragrance.
By Betty - mortgage closer from Stratford on 11/7/2009
Lilly of the valey is one of my favorite notes anyway so I liked this. It's a warm floral, seductive and very feminine. It might have a touch of "age" that makes it more woman than teenager oriented. Very strong initially but softens and mellows on my skin where it lasts for hours. Can't stop sniffing my wrist with this! Can easily become addictive.
By Fani - computer programmer from Athens, Greece on 9/16/2009
I'm in the "love it" camp and would echo the comment from rima--I too was a loyal Diorissimo user until the changing formula triggered allergies in my husband (who found Diorissimo for me back in the 1970s). Boohoo! But Odalisque is everything I loved about Diorissimo and more. It's less sharp and fades more slowly on me (I usually burn off perfumes fast) to a lovely lingering sweetness. The iris and jasmine make the lotv seamless and the base notes are rich and quiet.
By Lizzzi - consultant, writer from Oakland, CA on 9/3/2009
This is a perfume that you either love or hate. Starts out as a beautiful floral but dries down, on me, as sharp and peppery (if that makes sense). Doesn't last very long though. Not as strong as Sacrebleu.
By Elizabeth - attorney from southern california on 2/14/2008
This one pleasantly surprised me...I had put it on my Christmas list because lily of the valley and jasmine are my two fave top notes. When I got it I was all "I asked for this"? BUT...wearing it for the first time, I GOT IT. It's fantastic. Heavier than I'm used to, but amazing just the same. It makes you feel pretty and grown up all at once, very sophisticated.
By Anonymous - from Ft Lauderdale on 1/11/2008
I was first introduced to this perfume when I was a Teen. An up scale store blew it out to the side walk. I begged my parents and finally on Christmas on my 17th birthday I got it. WOW, what a beautiful perfume. A great one for any age. I love it. I rate it a 5 as I REALLY LOVE IT>
By Sheila Ryan - Retired from Cincinnati on 11/26/2007
Lovely, complex fresh floral scent. Reminds me of London flower shoppes in the spring ... something akin to coming in out of a soft rain to a room full of freshly cut exotics. Delightful surprise.
By Kiki - art historian from NYC on 1/5/2007
as someone who has known and loved diorissimo for more than 25 years- i can only say this- for someone like me whose body chemistry melds perfectly with diorissimo- odalisque is like going to the next level. and i can also say that out of my 300+ bottle collection of elite perfumes, this is one of only a few that drives my husband nuts. great and elegant scent.
By rima - chef from tel-aviv on 8/8/2006
I love this, but it's hard to describe. Lily-of-the-valley mixed with baby powder and sugar. Soft, sweet, and feminine.
By Anonymous on 6/10/2006
A lighter, less-offensive version of Chanel No. 5 --- this is how Odalisque wears on my skin. It can still be stifling if too much is applied. Initial notes of lily and white flowers quickly warm down to a sweet (semi musky) rose. I think of dried potpourri overall. I can pull it off in small doses, but it's not a Nicolai perfume that I would ever buy a full bottle of.
By Elaine M. - from South San Francisco on 2/20/2006
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