Molton Brown

Milk Musk

Eau de Toilette

Milk Musk Sizes Available:
50ml $80
100ml Eau de Toilette $120
0.7ml sample $4
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Here's what other people are saying about Milk Musk...
I received the sample today will definitely be purchasing the bigger bottle today aswell! Beautiful scent
By   - Monitor from Yonkers on 9/30/2020
I tried this as a free sample after reading the description by lucky scent. The soon as i put it on i knew it was special. The fragrance was delicious and now i am ordering a full bottle.
By   - RNl from TOMS RIVER on 9/29/2020
I have a love/hate relationship with musk scents, I love them when musks have a hint of sweetness and hate them when they develop into an over-the-top flower bomb in the most horrendous way. On me this opens with the fruit and dries to the perfect balance of a powdery, vanilla, musk with a hint of cocoa. I know cocoa was not noted but this is how my chemistry interprets this beautiful scent. It is definitely made for those days you don't want to be smelled from across the room. This is what I would describe as a comfort scent that invokes calmness-a lovely skin scent. I knocked a star off because it only lasted about 4-5 hours on me.
By   - Para Educator from Pacifica on 9/25/2020
Lovely light fresh scent without being soapy or aquatic. I'm not normally one for fruit in a fragrance, but this is subtle, imparting a nice tang to the smooth vanilla aspects. I don't get much actual milk or musk, but the comforting impression of both is there. Really lovely. Not unusex but could be blended to tone down strong woods or herbals in masculine leaning fragrances.
By   - Engraver from Seattle on 9/8/2020
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