Play Again Now

Eau de Toilette

by Lola James Harper

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The Scoop

If Lola James Harper candles are meant to evoke specific and resonant locations, their Eaux de Toilette are meant more as a spiritual balm, a fragrance imbued with unique properties that can instantly change the energy of the wearer for the better.

With Play Again Now, LJH attempts to recapture the rough-and-tumble joy of childhood play through the multifaceted sweetness of opoponax. Rough and woody, soft and powdery, sweet and meditative, opoponax presents a complex, seemingly contradictory set of characteristics that manage to coalesce with a magical blend of strength and smoothness. It's the perfect representation of childhood adventure- intense and courageous, yet ultimately heartwarming and soothing. Sometimes, as Lola James Harper reminds us, we need some guts just to play.

Play Again Now  Notes

Opoponax, woody notes

Play Again Now Sizes Available
100ml $145
0.7ml Sample $4
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