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Beautiful, unexpected and somewhat unsettling. Despite the notes not really matching the name (in my opinion) they somehow manage to come together to create something unique and slightly otherworldly. I'm not sure if I got the new version or the old one, but on me the orange blossom is the most prominent note. This one is a win for me.
By   - Chef from Vancouver on 3/24/2019
I'm imrpessed by the metallic & floral really works. Nothing "dark" about this scent, so a complete misnomer.
By   - accountant from central New York on 9/6/2013
Totally overpowering rose and powder. Definitely not unisex or masculine, 100% feminine.
By   - acup from stpaul on 3/1/2012
Andrea Maack scents have interesting names. I love Smart, which smells more like something I'd call Nurturing. Dark is similarly named. It smells as bright as a clear morning. The metallic note is a wee bit jarring at first, but it does evaporate away within an hour, leaving a luscious rose grounded by a very soft, suede-like leather note.
By   - from somewhere in Michigan on 2/25/2012
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