Rosso Nobile - Decanter with Vines - Deluxe Room Diffuser
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This Dr. Vranjes fragrance fills the home with the original fragrance of the essences of fine wine: a bottle to hold the precious fragrance of Rosso Nobile, an exclusive decanter to air the extraordinary fragrance, vines to spread its intense fragrance in an even more original way. The top notes are dominated by strawberry and blackberry, completed by citrus aroma; mildly fermented notes added to a bloom of violets and roses form the body with its intensely voluptuous character; delicate notes of the most notable tannins of wine complete the unique harmony of base notes. Pour the contents of the bottle in the decanter and stir the fragrance slowly to facilitate airing. Immerse all the grape vines in the decanter and turn them periodically. A truly amazing diffuser that will compliment any interior. This stunning presentation is packaged so exquisitely , making it a true luxurious gift.

Rosso Nobile - Decanter with Vines - Deluxe Room Diffuser  Notes

strawberry, blackberry, violet, rose, woods

Rosso Nobile - Decanter with Vines - Deluxe Room Diffuser Sizes Available
750 ml $350
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This fragrance always makes me smile and stops me for a moment.....simply to breath it in. It's special, lovely and I've never smelled anything like it. I must admit....I do spritz a little and let me land on my skin...... and each time I do, people tell me I smell so good.
By   - Human Resources Manager from Washington DC on 11/22/2015
The most wonderful delightful fragrance both men and women will enjoy in any room and setting. I love the softness and sweetness and it always makes me smile. Simply the most beautiful fragrance. I loved to wear it as a perfume.
By   - Program Specialist from Washington, DC on 1/9/2012
This is the most luscious home fragrance I have ever used. The diffuser, candle, and new room spray are extraordinary. On top of that, the presentation is a work of art.
By   - Corporate Governance from Washington, DC on 11/29/2008
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