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I received a sample (actually, two) of this by mistake. So serendipitous! I doubted at first but after about 10-15 minutes it was such a lovely dry clean wood shavings smell. What a cozy treat.
By   - Business from Boston on 12/10/2020
This one is my favorite cologne. It will be part of my wardrobe for years to come. Absolutely gorgeous.!!!
By   - Accoutant  from Norwalk on 12/10/2017
This was a blind buy for me and I've been lucky. I don't get the citrus or néroli on my skin but cedar and lovely frankincense. To me this incense smells very earthy, very natural and that's what I love about it. This doesn't smell like catholic church that much to me, but it's calming and serene for sure. Perfect for sleeping in it, and also a great option for layering as there are not too many notes in there. I will wear it often at bedtime and in the morning I will add one of my neroli scents like Annick Goutal Neroli or Hiram Green Dilettante, perfect mix to me. I wish all Profumum had a 18ml size! Much more affordable although the big bottle is awesome.
By   - Musician  from Montréal on 5/10/2017
A strikingly potent and simplistic blend of cedar sawdust and true to life incense. It's completely linear and lasts about 3 hours.
By  on 6/22/2014
I didn't care for the first sniff. But when I put it on. Magic. Lemongrass, Incense, and Oud accented perfectly. An unusual combination that keeps surprising me.
By   - from Princeville on 4/19/2013
Frankincense, frankincense, thanks
By   - counselor from NY on 6/22/2012
Opens with a strong, sharp, clean green citrus. Drys down to a smokey refined incense. But on the way the citrus and incense seem to trade places a few times creating a very non linear and interesting dry down.
By   - from Baltimore on 11/8/2011
It's the hint of orange blossom that makes the scent a year-round one for me. Plus, it has none of the cumin or curry notes that ruin many other incense scents. It feels perfect on me - it smells like nothing else I've tried (and I've tried MANY scents!). While LuckyScent rates this as a masculine scent I think it's strongly a unisex scent. The Olibanum is prominent but not powdery like some other scents. How I wish I could afford a full bottle. Thankfully a little goes a long way with this scent as I have been living off decants and samples for several years. I'll wear it at work and I find patients and coworkers are not bothered by it as it tends to meld with my skin if I keep the amount to a small spray. Large sprays = a large silliage monster. It is much better to keep this to one or two sprays at a time. It lasts a long while (at least 6 hours or more). It's my favorite incense ever. One day I'll have that full bottle!
By   - medical from NorCal on 5/16/2011
it took me a little while to warm up to this strange perfume, but now it's my go-to citrus! I get frankincense and nonspecific citrus-rind. it's not one of those seductive niche scents on first application... but it grows on you as one of those scents that is just right for skin! another profumum success story.
By   - various from LA on 5/5/2009
This is a nice somewhat smokey, somewhat woody scent. It is fairly linear, so don't expect olfactory revelation to take place after putting it on. It's well blended, which tends to balance out the singular nature of the scent. Portrays just a hint of hot-cold yin-yang aspect as it evolves. It's not bad, I just think there are better alternatives out there.
By   - designer from Chicago on 3/12/2009
Turns out incenses aren't really my kind of scent, but I ordered a sample of this anyway because I love almost every one of Profumum's fragrances. It really is true with Profumum that you HAVE to wait about 15 minutes to get a good idea of the scent because most of their scents go on very strong. The dry-down, however, is well worth the wait, and Olibanum is no exception. A very warm, dry, and lovely incense ...almost enough to convince me that I should change my perfume preferences!
By   - teacher from Syracuse, NY on 9/19/2008
A lovely, dry, woody incense with none of the (cloying, in my opinion) sweetness of scents like Avignon and Red Palisander. A little too strong and bitter on first application, but it quickly mellows into long-lasting goodness. Like Ichnusa, this perfume holds up beautifully over time.
By   - teacher from Syracuse, NY on 9/16/2008
This is a fantastic scent! Similar to Rock Crystal, but without the (for me) unpleasant "sticky", musty notes from cumin and coriander in the drydown after a few hours. Olibanum is "cleaner". The incense note appeared not instantly, but only after half an hour. The price, however... :-(
By   - from Brussels on 8/15/2008
I LOVE this scent and give it a strong FIVE stars. It's warm and clean smelling with just the right air of mystery. This is a real winner.
By  on 6/21/2008
Too strong for my taste. It gave off this rich incense-resinous scent which nauseated me. I'll stick to Comme de Garcone's: Avignon.
By   - Bon Vivant from California on 3/18/2008
I don't know how to describe it but this scent smelled horrible on me. It wasn't bad out of the tester, but once I put it on, it was sickly and strong.
By   - from Northern Virginia on 8/22/2007
This is a fabulous incense scent. A bit dry on first spritz, but within a 1/2 hour it was giving off this rich lovely incense scent. Definitely FBW!
By   - from San Diego on 8/20/2007
Dry, dry, dry. After two hours on my wrist, I am still waiting for those white flowers to bloom. I was hoping that the orange blossom would round out Olibanum's edges, much like the lily does to L'Artisan Passage d'Enfer, but it just isn't happening for me. It's a nice enough scent, but not for everyday. And it smells almost exactly like Olivier Durbano Rock Crystal... though Rock Crystal is a little more complex with its coriander and cumin. Given that Olibanum is twice the price, buy Rock Crystal instead and spend that extra $100 in your wallet on another bottle of perfume.
By   - from Arlington, VA on 8/16/2007
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